Following is a list of important events in the history of the SHIVA Universe.  Events are divided between B.C. (Before Cataclysm) and A.C. (After Cataclysm).

13,750,000,000 B.C. War in HeavenEdit

The highest level of the mysteries of the Holy Order reveal that before the Holy Dragons, there were two previous generations of gods. The first gods were said to have entered the Midplane from elsewhere for the purpose of bringing order to the universe. They fought a great battle with the forces of chaos, and succeeded in driving them off.

But even this is overly vague.

The truth goes back to an all powerful entity called the Source who was responsible for the creation of the Universe. To aid it in this task, the Source created ethereal beings called Celestials, beings of limitless power who can manipulate time and space. However, the greatest of these Celestials called Lucifer corrupted the Creation. He went to war with the Source by convincing fully half the Celestials that the new Creation was meant to displace them, but when they discovered this wasn’t the case and that Lucifer had lied to them so he could take power many abandoned him. However, a third of the Celestials still stood with Lucifer and were expelled with him.  They were stripped of their Celestial essences and to prevent themselves from dispersing completely crafted a body made from the fires of Hell.  Lucifer's transformation was the most profound, and he emerged as Satan, first and greatest of the Devils.

11,000,000,000 B.C. The First Gods and the War at the DawnEdit


Bahamut confronts Satan

Unable to return to the Highplane because he was no longer a Celestial, Satan decided to conquer the two lower planes. He and his follwers became a new race of beings called Devils who were immensely powerful with wild and destructive personalities. The devils in turn begat the lesser races of demons, who worshipped their creators. The strongest of these Devils would call themselves Archdevils, and would carve out territories for themselves and go to war with one another. While the devils struggled for superiority, Satan abandoned them to wander the Universe himself, leaving a trail of death and destruction unrivaled since then.

Distressed at the havoc Satan was causing but unwilling to harm his former favorite son himself, the Source asked for volunteers among the Celestials to descend to the lower planes to restore order. A full third of the Host did, shedding their Celestial essences and crafting bodies made from the dust of the Midplane. These descended Celestials called themselves the Gods. One such group of these Gods called themselves the Dragons. They were called called Bahamut, Adam, Lilith, Marduk, Ishtar, and Enki.

The Gods went to war with the Demon Lords. In terms of raw power, the Devils were in many cases far superior to the Gods. However, their violent and chaotic nature, plus their tendency to ditch well thought out plans out of boredom allowed the Gods to outmanuever them countless times. Following Bahamut's wisdom, the gods managed to gain significant victories over the demons. All would not remain well however. The gods Adam and Lilith became lovers, though the relationship was volatile. Following one of their blowups, Lilith left the other gods and was captured by a demon named Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles tortured her, eventually killing her, resurrecting her with demon blood rites, and then torturing her all over again. Over time he broke her and she joined with the devils. Thanks to the demonic corruption, Lilith became a new being who could gain control over those whose blood she drank. Shortly after her turning she ambushed Enki and killed him, forever making her a pariah to the other gods. She also managed to enthrall and corrupt one of the races that had evolved in the Midplane that called themselves Vampires and she became their Goddess. She pressed them into service against the Gods on the side of the demons.

Satan, who had been impressed by the gods' victories over the Demon Lords, had begun hunting them looking for a worthy opponent. Before long, he turned his attention on the Dragons and attacked them. In their first meeting the goddess Ishtar. After conferring with Adam, Bahamut conceived of a strategy to defeat Satan and his demons. They managed to drive the demons from the Midplane before following them into the Underplane to take out Satan, who Bahamut knew they could not achieve final victory until he was dealt with. The group ran into Lilith, who Adam stayed behind to fight while Bahamut and Marduk went on to find Satan. Despite her increase in power thanks to the demon blood, Adam still defeated Lilith. However, even in his rage over her killing of their brother Enki, he could not bring himself to kill her. He spared her life and left in search of Bahamut and Marduk.

Meanwhile, Bahamut and his group made it to the bottom of the Underplane where Satan dwelled. Due to the nature of that Circle, the group became separated and they were met by other powerful demons. Those that managed to defeat their opponents, found themselves face to face with Satan. He quickly killed the gods he found, even making short work of the mighty Marduk. Arriving just in time to see Marduk fall, Bahamut engaged Satan himself. Recognizing him from when they were both Celestials, Satan was overjoyed to match his strength against Bahamut. Their violent battle raged for what seemed like ages. At first they seemed roughly even, but Bahamut realized that Satan was drawing out the fight for his own amusement.

During a break in the battle achieved when Bahamut managed to destroy Satan’s body forcing him to reform, Adam arrived from his fight with Lilith. With the appearance of his Lieutenant, Bahamut conceived a plan with which to defeat Satan. Using the Soul Cramming method, he passed much of his power to Adam and told him how to cut off the Underplane from the Midplane. When Satan had finished reforming and come in search of Bahamut, the God wished Adam farewell and told him to complete the plan. With that Bahamut rushed Satan and drove him into the icy lake Cocytus. Sacrificing the last of his power, Bahamut converted his body into an icy prison that trapped Satan. In the aftermath, Adam made his way back to the Midplane where he weaved the powerful spells Bahamut had taught him, strengthening the boundaries between the planes, forever sealing the demons into the Underplane.

9,000,000,000 B.C. The Elder GodsEdit

As the sole remaining God, Adam became lonely. At the urging of an old Celestial friend who had remained in Heaven but still spoke to him called Loki, Adam learned how to make a new God from his own body. In this manner he created Eve, and the two set about with the mission to bring order to the Midplane. With Eve he sired a new generation of gods. With these children, Adam wished to usher in an age of peace and order to the Universe. However, his young son Strife was jealous of his father's relationship with Eve, and he decided to overthrow him. Going too far, Strife rose up and slew Adam, replacing him as master of the Universe.

Terrified, Eve fled and hid herself from her children. Strife in the meantime, decided to take the Elder Gods and leave Ultima, setting up their new home on the planet Akeron. While his given reason was that he didn't want to hide in a pocket dimension any longer, it was whispered that he was scared of his father's ghost which he believed haunted the Gods' former home. Uninterested in his father's mission to bring order to the Universe, Strife was more interested in indulgences. With the power of the Elder Gods behind him, Strife conquered the Universe and kept it in a state of constant chaos. Mortal races were prevented from developing too far in order to prevent them from becoming threats to him, and any that did were ruthlessly destroyed. This state of affairs lasted for eons.

2,000,000,000 B.C. Rise of the Holy DragonsEdit

Strife ruled the universe for eons, eventually siring a new generation of gods himself with his sister Asura. Just as he was greater than his father, these children were greater than him. Before they could become threats to them he’d devour them as soon as they were born. Just as Eve had before him, Asura was pained by this treatment of her children and when she became pregnat with her 6th and final child, she sought out her mother. She managed to find Eve on Ultima, the one place Strife was afraid to go. When the child, called Crash, was born, she left him to be raised by his grandmother. As Crash came of age, Eve took him under her wing, passing to him Adam's invincible Thunder Dragon powers and teaching him in their use. Under her, he grew into a great warrior with many times the power of his parents.

At that time Strife in his boredom ordered a great tournament between the lesser gods to entertain himself. Seeing this as his chance, Crash entered the tournament disguising himself beneath a heavy white robe. He made short work of the other contestants, brutally killing many of them. Astonished by the mysterious fighter's strength, Strife demanded to know who he was. Crash then revealed himself, hailing Strife as his father. Strife then realized that Asura had tricked him, but defiant of his fate he still decided to whip his upstart child. However, despite giving his all Strife could not faze the young Crash, who easily handled his angry father. With a single blow Crash hit Strife so hard that he regurgitated his 5 older children.

Realizing that he had lost the advantage, Strife fled. He returned to Akeron to marshal his forces. While he was doing this Crash took his siblings to Ultima so they could recover. When strong enough, they each set out to master an elemental power as Crash had done, greatly increasing their power in the process. In the meantime he set out on a mission to release the lesser creatures trapped as rejects by the Elder Gods. Promising them the respect the Elder Gods denied them, Crash managed to win their support.

Once his siblings had healed, Crash gathered his army and set out to destroy the Elder Gods. What resulted was a titanic battle that shook the entire universe. At its climax the Dragon Gods had completely destroyed the Elder Gods. It ended with a battle between Strife and Crash in their dragon forms where Crash slew his father and threw him broken into the abyss.

In his victory, Crash did not stop with his father and slaughtered the rest of the Elder Gods, betraying his mother and grandmother. With her dying breath Eve cursed her children that they would lose control over the power they were so proud of and be destroyed by it. This power twisted Crash and his siblings into monstrous forms as their bodies swelled to contain their awesome power. Crash came up with the idea of sealing away 4/5ths of their power so that they would be safe from it. In doing so they were able to regain control of their bodies, while still having many times the power of the vanquished Elder Gods.

After deposing their parents and wiping out the Elder Gods, Crash took his most beautiful sister as his wife and divided the Universe between his remaining brothers and sisters. Drown was given dominion over the North Kingdom while Cloak took the South. The sisters Agni and Rudra got the East and West respectively. Above them in authority were Crash and his queen Shiva.

The 6 Holy Dragons as they came to be called, settled into this state and began siring children themselves. In order to prevent their overthrow by their children as they had overthrown the Elder Gods, this new generation was kept under close scrutiny. These new Gods were still of great power though, and unlike their parents were not bound to a single Kingdom. Instead they would wander to and fro, indulging their interests and carrying out their own feuds. The greatest of these was between Shine, the son of Crash and Shiva who dedicated himself to Order and Justice, and Rend, the son of Crash and Agni who thrived on war and chaos. There was also the Goddess Aurora, daughter of Crash and Shiva who was honored as the most beautiful being in the entire universe, but whose glory was marred by her vanity and mercurial behavior. There was Anya, daughter of Crash by an unknown mother, who was wise and valued honor. She was the constant companion and lover of Shine. There was Dawn, daughter of Rudra by an unknown father who was said to be the most beloved and kindest of the Gods, who was kidnapped by Cloak who made her his wife. The following war between Rudra and Cloak shook the heavens until Dawn herself brokered a peace between them. There was also Forge, unusual among the Gods for his gaunt appearance and wretched personality. He possessed the keenest intellect among the Gods and was responsible for much of their incredible technology. Using his craftiness he managed to win Aurora as his wife, though she was constantly unfaithful to him.

Beyond them there were countless other Dragon Gods, many of whom have names lost to memory. Beyond them there were demi-gods, the product of the Gods' dalliances with mortals, the most renowned among these being Crash's son Gaia, who possessed power above even his full blooded Dragon God cousins. Despite having the run of the Universe to do as they pleased, the Gods of this generation were subject to their wills and did not dare defy the 6 Holy Dragons. While gods like Shine and Rend came close to them in terms of power, the rule of the Holy Dragons was absolute. Instead, they would commonly ally themselves with one or another of the Holy Dragons for their protection, and the Holy Dragons in turn would often use them as pawns in their feuds with eachother.

At this time also the Dragons began searching for other clans of Gods.  They expanded out into space, finding traces of their cousins.  Hearing the prayers of mortal races who cried out for divine help, they came across planet after planet where Gods had once been worshipped but had disappeared in ages past.  They would find grand palaces in ruins, and often the burned out remains of the Gods who had ruled long ago.  All around the Dragons saw the signs that Satan had been there, that he had discovered these gods and killed them for his own amusement.  Other Clans, he realized, had never made a pocket dimension from which to hide from the Devil King as Bahamut had for the Dragons and had been quickly found by him.  The Dragon Clan began to believe they were the only survivors from the War with the Devils, and they quickly asserted their own rule in place of their fallen brethren.  Once again in the presence of gods, many races they came across happily began to worship the Dragons and those that weren't were brutally brought under heel.  As eons past, the power of the Dragons grew and their empire continued to expand.  Before long the entire known universe belonged to the Dragon Clan of Ultima.

100,000,000 B.C. The Monsters of the SouthEdit

With the Elder Gods overthrown, many of the lesser races which had evolved over the eons attempted to seize control of the Universe for themselves. Some of these had even been allies to the Holy Dragons in their war, but now they reneged on their agreements with the God King. Arrogant at their power and underestimating the might of the Holy Dragons, they attempted to conquer Ultima. They joined forces with a powerful race known as the Vampires, who were the children and worshippers of Adam's cast out mate, Lilith. Under the leadership of the Vampires, the Monsters went to war with the Gods. After a desperate struggle, Crash and the Dragons crushed the rebellion, banishing them to the South Kingdom where they were at the mercy of the moody Cloak. He used his power to force the Vampires into a spatial prison and forced the other Monsters to do his bidding in bringing order to the wild South.

5,000,0000 B.C. The Holy OrderEdit

With the Elder Gods overthrown, Crash and his siblings decided to bring the rest of the Universe under their heels. By now other races had evolved on their own and were setting out into the expanse, many of whom resisted the Gods’ authority. With their superior power, the Gods rarely had trouble crushing these upstart races, but found the constant battling to be excessively tedious. On an unknown planet, they found a race of green skinned humanoids with red eyes and white hair. This race was called the Drow, and they were notable in that they possessed incredibly powerful Auras.

Impressed by the potential of the Drow, the Gods took the race and tampered with them, forcing their evolution down two lines. A few of the species were engineered to greatly enhance their intelligence. The race evolved into Gnomes with oversized heads and formidable psychic powers. This race became known as the Gnomes. The other branch was bred for power. The modestly sized drow were enhanced to be over 8’ in height, with heavily muscled frames and long horns which curved out from the sides of their heads. The output of their Auras was increased even more, and they possessed aggressive personalities. This race became known as the Ogres.

The Gods organized these new races into a powerful force, a cult dedicated to the gods’ vision of an ordered universe. Called the Holy Order, the Gnomes, under the title of Watchers, acted as administrators and diplomats. Their psychic powers coupled with their non threatening short stature enabled them to act as the face of the Holy Order. The Ogres were organized into a powerful army and given the title of Knights. When the diplomacy of the Watchers failed, the Knights were called in to back up their decisions with force.

2,000,000 B.C. The Attempted CoupEdit

It happened on one occasion that the other Dragons grew tired of Crash’s tyranny and attempted to depose him. Lead by Drown, they made the attempt, but were thwarted by Agni who switched her loyalties at the first sign of difficulty. Crash single handedly cowed his siblings, but in a moment of magnamity chose to spare their lives. However, he would not allow them to escape punishment. Realizing the deep affection Drown had for their sister Rudra, Crash forced him and the other gods to watch as he violently raped her. In order to curtail another attempt by his siblings, Crash used his power to forbid the Gods from fighting amongst themselves ever again.

1,300,000 B.C. Encounter With The OmniansEdit

Ages before the Eden War, the planet Omnius was noticed by the Gods. They were discovered by a group of elven explorers who were executed by the xenophobic Omnians as soon as they landed on the planet. Because one of the explorers was a son of Rudra, the God who ruled the West, it drew her attention. She went to Omnius to investigate the mysterious race who had eluded the gods' attention and found herself repulsed by them. While they were not able to match the Goddess’s raw power, their number and advanced technology gave them the edge they needed to keep her at bay. She put her resources into trying to destroy the Omnians or their planet, including an attempt to destroy their sun but was continually frustrated by the advanced race. Her frustration at the hands of the Omnians brought Crash into the fray, who would not tolerate disrespect to the Gods’ authority.

Arriving in his battleship Providence, the God King descended to the planet. While the Omnians were strong enough to frustrate Rudra, Crash was a different matter entirely. He single handedly killed many of the Sovereigns without them able to lay a hand on him. Despite this, Crash was impressed by the resistance the Omnians put up to protect their home, and he decided to allow them to live so long as they never left their planet. As the Omnians were highly xenophobic and tied to their planet by ingrained doctrine, they agreed to this truce.

903,000 B.C. Invasion Of The Angelic HostEdit

On one occasion, another Clan of Gods managed to establish contact with the Dragons. These gods, who were the Angels who ruled another of the World called Zion. During one of the meetings of the 9 God Kings on Crown, Crash and Michael clashed with eachother. After Crash derided Lord Zeal, an enraged Michael swore vengeance. Returning to Zion, he organized a Crusade to cross the Sea of Chaos and take over Shiva in the name of Lord Zeal. Using unknown means the Angels were able to open portals into another World through which their forces issued forth.

Crash vs St Michael

Crash vs Saint Michael

When the Angelic Host appeared in Shiva, they completely surprised the Holy Dragons and achieved many early victories. Crash gathered all the Dragons and 2/3rds of the forces of the Holy Order to meet the Angels' Crusade Fleet in the Southern Kingdom. A long and brutal battle ensued, finally coming to a head when Crash and Michael engaged in personal combat. Michael was more powerful than Crash anticipated, and the arrogant Angel expected to win. However, Crash unsealed his Ultimate Form and used 80% of his power, more than he'd used since any opponent since his father, in order to beat Michael down. Michael was rescued by the other Archangels, and they retreated for the long journey back to the Edge.

In the aftermath, the Angels ability to launch an expeditionary Crusade was curtailed indefinately and they were forced to give up on converting the Known Universe. In order to prevent his power from raging out of control, Crash left Shiva in charge of the Empire and created a shell around himself while he spent the next 1000 years re-sealing himself. Because he had used his powers on his siblings ages earlier during their attempted coup, none were able to take advantage of his regeneration period to try to supplant him. When he emerged from his shell he was once again in his sealed form and in no danger of losing control of his power.

13,000 B.C. The Eden War Edit

It happened that Aurora engaged in mischief. At the time the two most powerful kingdoms in the Gods’ Empire were those of Eden and Nod. The two existed in a fragile peace, with Eden using diplomacy to hold off the imperial ambitions of its neighbor, Nod. Using her powers, Aurora caused the wife of the King of Irad, a province of Nod, to fall in love with a prince of Eden. The lovers escaped from Nod and fled back to the court at Eden. Realizing the treachery, the King of Izad called upon his older brother, the Emperor of Nod, to raise an army so he could take back his wife. Gathering heroes from every corner of Nod, the Emperor used the kidnapping as his long desired excuse for war with Eden. As seemingly the entire Universe was pulled into the war on one side or another, even the Gods took an interest and would join the fighting. Bound by Crash’s edict that the Gods could not do violence to one another, they would instead act through proxies, temporarily charging them with holy power to take on any God who had taken to the field. Crash declared himself neutral, but at several points ignored his own edict and directly influenced the direction of the war back and forth, drawing it out for his own amusement. In order to finally break his interest and allow the war to end, Shiva seduced Crash and lured him to bed. So distracted, Nod managed to gain the advantage and finally break Eden’s barricade. They ransacked the planet and destroyed it, scattering Eden’s heroes and allies. However, Nod itself was greatly depleted over the course of the war, and it was shattered by numerous other enemies.

0 A.C. The CataclysmEdit

It happened that Shiva came across a mysterious source of energy. Taking it into herself, it vastly increased her power beyond even the Gods’ incredible levels. Her power granted her total control over space and time, allowing her to bend reality to her wishes. However, the power also possessed her, warping her personality and turning her into an engine of hatred and destruction. She went on a rampage, effortlessly destroying entire worlds. As God King, Crash stepped forward to reign in his unruly wife, but was soundly thrashed and humiliated. With the strongest among them powerless to stop her, the rest of the Gods wondered what to do. It was the son of Crash and Shiva, Shine, who convinced the Gods that they should pool their life forces together and only then would they have the power to fight Shiva. Barring Crash, who was thought dead at the time, the hundreds of Gods sacrificed their life forces into Shine. So empowered, Shine clashed with his mother and finally managed to stop her. Using a special Capture Ball, Shine managed to imprison his mother and used his life force to seal her within the ball.

The event, which came to be called the Cataclysm resulted in far reaching changes for the Known Universe.  In the aftermath the destruction caused by the conflict left even the great empires of the Universe in disarray.  It was as if all of space went insane.  Long standing allies went to war over dwindling resources.  Ancient hatreds were allowed to erupt into full scale genocide.  Countless races were wiped from existence while new states emerged to fill the power vacuum.  Most notably the ancient Elves, who had been the most numerous and mighty of mortal races during the rule of the Dragon Gods fell from their position of dominance and many died off.  In their place, the Human race, which had been transplanted from its homeworld of Earth throughout the Universe by the Gods, spread itself far and wide quickly cementing themselves as the new dominant race in the Universe.

600 A.C. The Watchers and the SENTINEL OrderEdit

The Fall of the Gods resulted in complete anarchy breaking out in the Universe. The prison in which Shiva was trapped became called the Bloodstone for its crimson coloring, and despite her essence being unable to escape, her power seeped out of it. Whoever held the Bloodstone was able to access all the powers of Shiva herself, but at a terrible price. The Bloodstone not only granted Shiva’s power, but also opened up the user to Shiva herself and through the stone the user would lose their soul to her. Following his victory over his mother, the dying Shine passed the Bloodstone on to the Watchers and charged them not to let the universe sink into chaos.

In order to comply with their god’s instructions, the Watchers created the Order of SENTINEL to keep peace and order in the universe. Using their powers of empathy and persuasion (and the force of SENTINEL when these proved insufficient) the Watchers managed to band many of the greater powers into the All Union. With this the Watchers were able to pacify the West Kingdom with great inroads into the North and East Realms. Eventually though, they found an unexpected enemy in the last of the Gods, King Crash, who wished to recover the Bloodstone and restore his rule over the universe.

While many were glad to be free of interference from the Gods, there were many who still worshipped Crash and were loyal to him spread throughout the galaxies. Gathering these forces together, Crash organized them into a single force which obeyed him single mindedly. Following the collapse of the Gods’ Empire, Crash was locked in battle with a powerful opponent that had emerged in the South Kingdom. When he finally pacified that threat, he was alerted to Watchers' restoration of Order in the West Kingdom and was made aware that his wife/sister’s power still existed in the Bloodstone. Resolved to restore the Light of the Gods to the Universe, Crash demanded the Watchers hand it over to him. Wishing to stay true to Shine’s vision, the Watchers refused to turn over the Bloodstone and went to war with Crash and his Holy Order.

4300 A.C. The Bloodstone WarEdit

To Crash’s frustration the Watchers and SENTINEL proved to be a more capable foe than he expected and the war was deadlocked. While individual Watchers were weak when compared to Crash, as a whole their power rivaled his thanks to their connection to his son Shine, who at the time of his death possessed the power of all the other gods. Equally troublesome was their ability to use their empathy powers to remove the will to fight from his armies, effectively pacifying them.

5560 A.C. The Warriors From KazanEdit

This stalemate ended when he stumbled on a planet called Kazan and recruited the tribal race that lived there, the Sarans. With the sarans the God King found his trump card, as the warrior race from the small hell planet stampeded over all opposition. For reasons the Watchers could only guess at, the sarans were immune to their empathic powers and they were unable to quell their fighting spirit. With this race spearheading his armies Crash regained the advantage over the Watchers. However, before long the sarans grew tired of taking their orders from Crash and they rebelled against him. He made an effort to destroy them, but was defeated by a powerful warrior called the Oversaran and was driven back to Ultima. The Oversaran was declared King and took the name Sarada, a saran word meaning Ultimate Fang.

5690 A.C. The Saran ConquestEdit

While initially elated at the defeat of Crash, the Watchers suddenly found themselves face to face with a far more terrifying enemy. With the yolk of the Holy Order cast off, Sarada gathered his people together and set out on a Great Conquest across the Universe. No force could rival the sarans’ awesome power or insatiable lust for battle, and even the All Union was quickly cowed before them. When the sarans made their way to the SENTINEL Headquarters planet of Rya, they demanded the Bloodstone which Crash had sought. While initially willing to fight to the death, a mysterious Oracle appeared and convinced the Watchers that the Saran King would recognize the nature of the stone and the survival of the Universe depended on it falling into his hands. The Watchers managed to bargain with the sarans to relinquish control of the planets they conquered if they would take the Bloodstone and return to Kazan. No longer seeing the point in keeping planets they’d already crushed, the sarans agreed.

As predicted, Sarada’s own powers allowed him to recognize the Bloodstone’s curse and he became convinced that it must never be used. He entrusted the stone to his most stalwart brother Naru, and charged his family with keeping it safe. Sarada himself would spawn a line of Kings, and on his deathbed he predicted the return of King Crash and that he would finally be killed by one of his descendants. With that he died and left the Saran Kingdom to his son, and his line would continue to rule the sarans for the next thousand years until Crash returned as foretold. Crash came looking for the Bloodstone, which had disappeared from history following Sarada’s taking of it.

7000 A.C. Return of the Holy OrderEdit

This time there was another Oversaran who emerged ready to take on Crash, who was Zanko. Unlike Sarada though, this Oversaran was unbalanced and was quickly humbled by the God King. Crash sensed in Zanko a fear of death, and used this to exploit him. He decided to offer Zanko greater power if he would become his vassal, to which Zanko readily agreed. In return, Crash significantly boosted Zanko’s power and granted him eternal life. He returned to Kazan and killed the King, supplanting the authority of the King and restoring the rule of the Holy Order over the sarans. He became the Holy Ghost and controlled all states loyal to King Crash in his name.

Zanko was unable to find the Bloodstone, by now considered a myth to many sarans, and believing that Sarada had destroyed it Crash returned to Ultima. While he was gone Zanko plotted to overthrow him and began an extensive breeding program to produce the Warrior-Born, the saran prophesized by Sarada to emerge from his bloodline and kill Crash once and for all. With the God King dead Zanko would use the sarans to conquer the universe himself, killing all who opposed him. His plan was discovered by Crash’s son Gaia, who had been sent by the God King to relay his instructions from Ulitma. Before he could tell his father, Zanko effortlessly defeated Gaia and imprisoned him, telling Crash that he had died against SENTINEL.

10000 A.C. Present DayEdit

The so-called Modern Age of the Universe is said to begin here. After 10000 years the Universe has settled into a new stability. Where the Universe was once teaming with thousands and thousands of diverse races and cultures, in the millennia since the Cataclysm humans have expanded to take the place of those that didn't survive.

11003 A.C. Thuro Al’Baster born on the fairy planet Avalon.

11666 A.C. Bellona El'Judi born on the fairy planet Avalon.

11851 A.C. Dashora, Son of Jaina by Aragoran, Lord of Sarada is born on the saran planet Kazan.

11872 A.C. The saran Crow is born on Kazan. He would be rejected and sent to the planet Wu to die in the wilderness. He would grow up feral and single handedly destroy society on that planet till he was found and taken under the wing of the Battle Sage, Rahan.

11905 A.C. Robia, daughter of the Holy Ghost is born on Kazan.

11977 A.C. Hefe Logan born on Earth.

11978 A.C. Rayze, son of Crow born.

11979 A.C. Two Fated Births

Cain, Son of Robia by Dashora, Lord of Sarada is born on Kazan. At the same time Karyu, Son of Ekari by Kakadora, Lord of Naru is born. Both are S-Class, though Karyu’s parents fake his strength reading to make him look like a reject and send him away. He would end up on the planet Earth, raised by a human couple Ray and Carrie Nash and be given the human name John Nash.

June Hammer is born on Earth.

11980 A.C. Bruno Logan born on Earth.

11985 A.C. Kara, daughter of Mira by Kayoken, Lord of Naru born.

11997 A.C. John Nash is enrolled in St. Christopher’s Catholic High School to finish out his senior year. Here he meets and ultimately falls in love with June Hammer, battles Max West and finally fights and kills his father’s twin brother Roy Nash.

11999 A.C. Cain and Kara officially meet and develop their Bond.  She would later tell him they actually first met a year earlier when she was attending his then mate, Veruca.

12001 A.C. Ray and Carrie Nash die in a car accident. A distraught John breaks up with June, drops out of college, and disappears.

On Kazan, Cain kills Makro over Kara and takes possession of her.

12003 A.C. The Saran Civil WarEdit

On a cold night on the Jersey Shore, a space ship crashed to the ground nearly knocking couple Ray and Carrie Nash off the road. The two investigated the ship, and found a loudly crying infant wearing a strange looking pendant. Upon removing him from the capsule and returning to the car, the ship exploded, leaving no trace behind. The couple decided to take in the foundling and name him John. 24 years later, John Nash was wandering aimlessly on Earth picking fights with other aliens out of boredom.

Around this time a trio of thieves arrived on Earth to lie low after a heist from a SENTINEL Precinct. The three thieves were the Bones Brothers Bendigo and Mishak, and the Fairy Thuro. The three went their separate ways, but the Bones Brothers own violent tendencies made them draw attention. Following the trail of chaos left behind by Mishak, John found him in a bar having killed most of the human patrons. John called him out and quickly killed him. Afterwards John challenged Mishak's brother, Bendigo to a fight. Bendigo was also no match for him and upon finding out that John was a saran attempted to flee in terror. He got back to his ship and tried to leave the planet, but John destroyed the ship with Bendigo inside of it.

Afterwards he was confronted by the Fairy named Thuro, who was mad that John had destroyed his ship and challenged him. He seemed to hold a grudge against John for being a saran and accused him of being on Earth to wipe out the humans. During the fight Thuro demonstrated a super speed technique called Cutting which impressed John. Thuro said it was a Shadow Art skill, but that it’s tiring and he doesn’t like to use it much. However, to Thuro’s chagrin John managed to figure it out just from watching him do it and immediately surpassed him with it. As the fight went on the two realized they were equal in strength, and stopped fighting upon gaining an understanding of eachother.

Having a beer together after the fight, the two exchanged stories. John explained to Thuro that he’s a saran from the planet Kazan, but beyond that, his true name of Karyu, and the saran language he has no idea how he came to be on Earth. He mentioned he was raised by a human couple, and that it was his human father who taught him martial arts. While reminiscing about his training, John shuddered. This caused Thuro to muse about what kind of human could have been brutal enough to make a saran shudder when talking about him. He presses John about it, but when asked where they are he just says they’re “gone.” When asked what he’s doing on Earth, Thuro explained that he’d been trying to find an artifact called the Bloodstone. He told the legend behind it about the goddess Shiva who went mad with power, and was sealed inside of a jeweled prison by her son at the cost of the rest of the race of gods. Whoever holds the Bloodstone can control Shiva’s power themselves, though Thuro was evasive when asked what he wanted it for.

Afterwards, a SENTINEL called Kermit arrived on Earth looking for Thuro, and mistook John, who’s the most powerful presence on the planet for him. John beat the crap out of Kermit, and Kermit sent a report back to Rya bringing the presence of the saran to the common knowledge of the galactic community.

On the saran homeworld of Kazan in the fortress of the Holy Order, the First Among the Deathwalks ordered Rayze to check it out while he engaged in another mission. Rayze went to Earth and encountered John. After discovering that he’d arrived on Earth as a child, the Deathwalk figured he was probably sent away from Kazan to die of exposure, as was common practice for rejected saran males born with deficient power levels. He admitted though, that Earth was on the other side of the universe and an unusual place for a reject to end up. With that, he moved to kill John, but got caught offguard by his power. Before he could recover, he was driven off by Dashora, who had arrived on Earth to see if John was the Son of Naru who he’s been looking for. Meanwhile, Rayze reported back to the other Deathwalks about the events on Earth. The First Among the Deathwalks, here identified as Prince Cain, was currently on the Planet Sirius having finished an extermination mission on behalf of a force called the Horde. It was revealed that the First is the spitting image of Dashora, and he mused that this Earth Saran might just be interesting after all.

With the escape of the Deathwalk Rayze, John turned towards his mysterious savior, unsure of his motives. By now Thuro had arrived on the scene to investigate the commotion, saying he wanted to wait till the Deathwalk had gone. He explained the legend of the God King’s Angels of Death, who with their black robes and white spears were the terrors of the universe. It was a mantle that had been taken up by the 4 strongest sarans in the Holy Order and Thuro knew to keep clear of them. Worried that this new saran might be another Holy Order warrior, the saran denied it and introduced himself as Dashora. Looking at John, he said that he was the very image of his father Kakadora. Upon discovering that Dashora knew his parents, John became keenly interested in him. Dashora told John he’d tell him all about his parents, but he must agree to return to Kazan with him. Not seeing anything tying him to Earth any longer, John agreed, but requested that Dashora start calling him John as opposed to his saran name of Karyu (a request Dashora promptly ignored). Before they left though, Dashora decided to take John under his wing, and taught him saran methods of fighting and Aura control. Dashora was shocked at what a quick study John was.

Cain arrived back on Kazan and reported to the Holy Ghost the success of his mission for the Horde. The Ghost then ordered Cain to come with him to attend meeting between the Holy Order and the Ogre Republic, explaining he had specific orders for after the conference is over. Cain chased Sihara away from his slave girl Kara, and after a brief stare down between the two was broken up by the orders of the Holy Ghost himself he took her to his chambers.

The next day he called a meeting of the Deathwalks and ordered that no further action should be taken over the events on Earth until he returned. However, curious about Rayze’s reports of John’s power and Dashora’s presence, the Deathwalks Brevara and Sihara ignored Cain’s orders and went to Earth to check it out for themselves. They met Dashora, John and Thuro, and Thuro got enraged at the sight of Brevara. The group fought and Brevara and Sihara were driven off. Dashora managed to counter Brevara while John found himself to be about even with Sihara. Thuro then revealed that years ago one of his people pulled a prank on a powerful warlord, who hired the sarans to deal with the troublesome Fairies. He said that his home planet had been exterminated shortly afterwards by the sarans, specifically Brevara, and that now there are only a handful of Fairies left. With that he asked to go along with Dashora and John to Kazan, so he could fight against his people’s butcher. The group boarded Dashora’s ship, but it lacked the ability to make it all the way to Kazan. Instead, they stopped at a gigantic space station called Arkem, where they hoped to get a new one.

At Arkem, the group looked for a new ship that could get them to Kazan. While wandering about, John encountered a hooded figure in ornate robes who offered to read his future. John blew him off, but the fortune teller was persistent and John let him read his future if he’d leave him alone. After shocking John with knowledge of John’s past that he couldn’t possibly know, he told John that he had a special destiny. At the moment John’s attention was diverted by a ruckus at a bar across the way, and when he looked back the fortune teller had disappeared. As he was able to read Auras, John was a bit put off by the fact that he couldn’t sense the fortune teller anywhere, but regardless he felt compelled to investigate the commotion.

At the bar John was passing, he found people hurrying out of it in droves. When he asked why people were fleeing they said that the Grinning Pirates had arrived, and they were the most murderous band of cutthroats in the sector. A horrified patron who couldn’t believe John had never heard of them pointed out their ship, the Red Jewel to John, who was immediately taken with it. His curiosity piqued, John went into the bar and confronted the pirates, who were lead by a Selikan Warrior called Wylie. The pirates had just succeeded in kidnapping an elven princess and her entourage and were planning to sell them.

Ignoring the bedlam going on around him as the pirates murdered and raped other patrons in the bar as well as the pleas for help from the captured elven princess, John made several inquiries about their ship. Wylie boasted at great length about it, claiming that the Red Jewel was the fastest ship in the entire Universe. Impressed by what he heard, John said he thought he’d take the ship. To everyone’s surprise, John quickly killed Wylie, sending the rest of the pirates scrambling. He took the key to their ship and claimed it as his own. After arguing with the ship’s AI, John finally convinced it that he was its new Captain.

As John left to find Dashora and Thuro to let them know he got a ship, he came face to face with the Elven Princess he had rescued. She introduced herself as Abijennsia and told him she wanted to express her gratitude at having saved her, and made herself very persuasive. He succumbed to her advances, and afterwards she asked him where he was from. When he said he was from Earth she said she had no idea that there were humans strong enough to take on selikans. When John told her he was in fact a saran, her demeanor completely changed and she became panicked and tried to escape him. She made a lot of noise as she left the Red Jewel, yelling how she had just been raped by a saran. John tried to calm her down, but upon following her out of the ship found himself face to face with a group of aliens in blue armor.

Abijennsia announced herself to the leader and pointed at John, saying that she had been kidnapped by selikan pirates and then they were in turn killed by the saran who afterwards had ravished her. The leader, Captain Pando of SENTINEL’s 15th Legion, had come to Dock 7 investigating the disturbance and following reports that Thuro was on Arkem. John attempted to fight him but had trouble, having his attack deflected and being hurled through a wall. As he pushed his way out of the rubble he saw that Dashora and Thuro had arrived. Dashora effortlessly knocked out Pando and his Lieutenant while Thuro took care of the surrounding SENTINELs. John showed the others that he’d managed to procure a ship, and with that the group headed for Kazan.

The group arrived on Kazan, and John discovered that it was a very harsh place, with heavy gravity, thin air, and ridiculous extremes in climate. However, he was able to quickly get over it and discovered that he felt eerily at home in the hellish environment. Upon their arrival, Dashora made contact with an old friend of his in the Murokai Clan, a former Sarada vassal named Danya. Danya told Dashora that soon after he left the Holy Ghost managed to capture Arisada and the rebellion was crushed. Without a Sarada family member to rally around, the rest of the sarans were unwilling to stand up to the Holy Order. Dashora decided the next course of action should be for them to free his brother. Cain, who had returned from his mission confronted Brevara about his insubordination and humiliated him in front of the Holy Ghost. With that, he promised to be the one to take care of Dashora and his group.

The group (Dashora, John, Thuro, and Danya) infiltrated the Royal Palace, and Thuro was suspicious of how Dashora knew the Castle so well. To John’s surprise, he revealed that he was once a Holy Warlord, the rank that was replaced by the Deathwalks as the commanders of the Holy Order.

Moving throughout the palace they were met by Cain’s slave girl, Kara, who they attempted to take down. Instead she managed to overpower John, much to everyone’s surprise. She noted that he resembled her father, and when he stated that his father was Kakadora, she revealed that she was the daughter of his identical twin Kayoken, making the two of them cousins. Amazed that anyone else of the Naru Clan was still alive, she agreed to help them down to the prison level where Arisada was kept in stasis.

When they arrived in the prison, Kara seduced and killed the guards. The group then found Arisada’s chamber and freed him, but in the escape get separated. While wandering about, Danya ran into the Deathwalk Rayze. A history between the two was revealed, and Rayze revealed that Danya was once a powerful warrior for the Holy Order. When he asked why she left, she told him that she uncovered information about the death of his father, Crow, and begged to meet him secretly at a later time.

Meanwhile, John and Kara made it out first, where they discovered Cain waiting for them. Kara looked terrified, but John was confident because of his victories over the other Deathwalks. Ignoring Kara’s warnings that Cain was far and away superior to the others, he stepped forward to fight him. Impressed by John’s Aura, Cain stated he could see why his comrades had lost to him. However, when he powered up his own Aura, it was just as bright as John’s. The two fought and John was completely overwhelmed by Cain’s power and fighting style, which he described as pure carnage. Having observed Dashora, John made his first attempt to summon flames and managed to pull off his Burning Gun attack. However, it was not enough to stop Cain and John was defeated.

It was then that Dashora arrived with his ailing brother, and attempted to stop his wayward son. For the first time Dashora appeared to be outclassed. Kara asked Cain why he was fighting so hard against his own father and Cain explained it’s because of him that his mother is dead. This accusation sent Dashora into a rage which set off his Oversaran form. With this power Dashora beat Cain into the ground, but he was stopped by Kara before he can deliver the killing blow. Upon seeing that Cain had the same eyes as his mother he relented and returned to normal, and with that the group escaped.

After his loss to Cain, John realized he must grow stronger and master his own incredible power. Dashora told him he was sending him to an old friend to train. Partly to get away from Kara’s flirtations which he was terrified of succumbing to, he agreed to whatever Dashora proposed. This friend was a woman named Jenna, also called the Burning Sage. She was once a Holy Warlord alongside Dashora, but left after her position was usurped by Crow. Jenna initially dismissed John as a student believing that training him would be a monumental waste of her time, admitting that while he does have potential, she doesn’t take students anymore. The Burning Sage only agreed to take John on as a student after Dashora called in a debt, and with that she disappeared with him using a Burning Flame technique.

Meanwhile, Dashora had taken an immense interest in the potential he saw in Kara. He decided to take her and train her in the fighting style of the Sarada, called True Fist of the King. Much to Dashora’s surprise, she proved to be an even more apt pupil than John. She possessed an uncanny ability to completely mimic almost any technique after seeing it once, and within 10 days she had learned True Fist of the King in its entirety. Over the time, Kara told him the story of how she became a slave girl and came into the possession of Prince Cain. She told how when the Ghost began hunting down the Naru Clan and seeing what happened to his twin brother, Kayoken had sold his daughters into slavery in order to hide their identities and protect their lives. They were separated when Kara was trained as a Pleasure Slave, but no one ever held onto her for long because no one liked dealing with her unbreakable nature. She eventually came into the possession of a warrior named Maikoro before she was noticed by Prince Cain. The two had an affair before he killed Maikoro and claimed her for himself. He also grilled her for details about his son, and surmised that despite the derogatory way she talks about him, she and Cain are in fact Pair Bonded.

Danya met Rayze as promised and delivered to him the proof that that his father Crow was actually killed by the Holy Ghost, and not the Sarada Clan as he had been lead to believe. Giving him the data she had stolen before she left the Holy Order, Danya stayed with Rayze as he watched a recording of the Holy Ghost battling his father in a maddened rage. This information forced Rayze to reevaluate his loyalties. He resolved to have the holo-records authenticated.

Over the next month, John was beaten into a bloody pulp by the Burning Sage. She regularly berated his flippant attitude, asking him if he’d ever believed in anything. At the same time she seemed to take perverse pleasure in teasing him with her body. Despite the way she treated him, Jenna was nonetheless impressed by John’s talent and tenacity. This prompted Jenna to agree with Dashora’s analysis, that John would be a worthy successor to her power able to take it farther than she ever could. After his latest beating at Jenna’s hands, John was rendered unable to move. Jenna then told him that his training had come to a head, and that he would either succeed her or die. She created an orb of raw Burning Flame and forced it into John’s soul. She told him if he was able to master it then he would have complete control of the Burning Flame and all it could do, but if he failed then he would die a long and painful death.

While trying to master what he had been given, a delirious John was met by an apparition of his human father, Ray Nash. John was baffled by his father’s presence, not only because he was on Kazan, but because he had been dead for years. It was then revealed that Ray and his wife Carrie had died in a car accident when they came to visit him in college, and the grief of this is what drove John to retreat from his life. Wondering when he raised such a crybaby, Ray challenged John to a fight. As Ray often said that warriors communicated their feelings through the fight, he used his fists to talk with John about his life. Fighting with his father allowed John to work through his problems and finally make peace with him. With that weight lifted off his soul, John was able to reach a new tier of power. When he came to he realized that he had succeeded in conquering the Burning Flame and he found Jenna to tell her so. He almost immediately passed out, and when he came to he found Jenna naked in his arms. When he asked if that’s how it’s supposed to happen she said not necessarily, but that was the most enjoyable way.

Upon returning to the Sarada base Danya found herself unable to tolerate the perky slave girl and she challenged her. Much to the amazement of all but Dashora, Danya was soundly defeated by Kara. Dashora then told Arisada that despite her tiny appearance, Kara was actually an S-Class saran.

Around this time Cain devised a new plan to corner Dashora and destroy the Sarada’s advantage. He drew out Dashora’s team and gave a power tab to Beren, his most powerful vassal, in order to significantly boost his power. Beren managed to completely knock out Thuro, and Kara, as well as significantly weaken Dashora before succumbing to the fatal side effects of the power tab. Cain easily defeated his weakened father, and was thereafter confronted by Kara, who Dashora had hoped would catch Cain offguard with her S-Class Power. However, Cain revealed that he was well aware of how powerful Kara was, and despite being impressed with her improvement, she was no match for the Dark Prince. He quickly defeated her by knocking her out with a blow to the back of the neck, thereafter turning his attention back to Dashora. However, Thuro had found his second wind and once again attacked Cain.

Lamenting that he’d hoped to keep his trump card hidden for another opponent, Thuro released his True Form in desperation. He grew to a tall stature with gangly limbs, with his hair grown long and a white tail sprouting from him. As the fight went on, he began sprouting more and more tails, each time Cain could sense an increase in his Aura. The Dark Prince stated that he’d heard of the Tailed Forms of the Fairies, and was impressed to see it in person. However, despite Thuro’s increase in power he still could not defeat Cain. It was then that John, his training with the Burning Sage complete, arrived on the battlefield and saved Thuro’s life.

In a flashback, Jenna informed John that Dashora and the others were locked in combat at the moment and that if he hurried he could help them. Using the newly learned Burning Warp technique, John vanished away to their location. He arrived in time to see Cain about to kill Thuro and he intervened, knocking Cain down with a blast of his own. With that, he and Cain engaged in battle. Thanks to his severe training John was now able to match Cain and they fought evenly. After a titanic battle, they knocked eachother out and the Sarada group escaped.

Meanwhile, Rayze discovered that Danya had been telling him the truth and brought information of this to Cain. To his shock Cain revealed that he already knew, and he told Rayze how Cain made his first attempt to kill the Ghost when he was 10 and had just developed the Dark Strike technique. The Ghost survived the attempt and after almost killing Cain, turned his rage against Crow, whose training Cain had used. Crow admitted that he had been planning for years to get rid of the Ghost for the sake of all sarans and the two fought. Crow was no match and was ultimately killed. The Ghost then told Cain and Rayze Crow had been killed by Sarada rebels, completely unaware that the wounded Cain had watched the whole fight from the shadows. Cain told Rayze that it became his plan then and there to feign allegiance to the Holy Ghost in order to gain enough power to one day kill him. He tried to convince Rayze to do the same, biding their time until the opportunity to kill the Holy Ghost comes along and was pleased when Rayze agreed. However, in his thoughts Rayze made up his mind to escape from the Holy Order, hoping Cain would forgive him that he wasn't strong enough to smile in the face of his father's killer.

Elsewhere, John had an erotic dream about Kara, and when he woke he found her in his bed with him. Horrified he leapt out of the bed wondering what she was doing there, to which she answered that she’d gotten lonely and had crawled into bed with him. She pointed out that he had wandering hands in his sleep, sending him into a panic. As he protested she wondered why he was objecting so much if he found her attractive, reminding him that she was a trained pleasure slave and was an expert at reading men. John’s attempted to explain why it’s wrong were written off as nonsense that he picked up on Earth. The conversation was then interrupted by Dashora, who told them they’d been called into an audience with Arisada. John tried to insist that nothing had happened, and was shocked that Dashora didn’t care one way or the other.

Arisada explained a further story behind the Bloodstone. After Shine sacrificed his life to contain Shiva, the Bloodstone was taken into the hands of the Watchers, the followers of Shine who went on to found SENTINEL and the All Union. Afterwards, Crash, the King of the Gods and the only one to not sacrifice himself in the fight with Shiva, came looking for the Bloodstone and made war with the Watchers to get it. He came across the sarans and recruited them to fight in his army, and with them he gained the advantage over the Watchers. However, the sarans grew tired of doing the lion’s share of the work and rebelled against Crash. He sought to kill them all, but was stopped by the first Oversaran, who managed to drive Crash away.

Afterwards the Oversaran, who called himself Sarada took up Crash’s conquest and succeeded in cowing the Watchers. He took the Bloodstone from them, but recognized its inherent dangers. Whoever held it could use Shiva’s power, but at the cost of Shiva taking control of their soul every time they used it. He bequeathed it to Naru, his most stalwart brother and charged him and his descendants with protecting it. Prior to their extermination at the hands of the Ghost,

Kayoken had discovered where his family had hidden the Bloodstone and was trying to get it to Arisada so he could finally overthrow the Holy Order. A key clue was said to reside with his twin's lost son, which is why Arisada sent Dashora to look for him. Upon inspecting John’s pendant, Arisada realized that the other side of it is a map to the crypt of Naru.

Meanwhile, Rayze had contacted Danya and was making his escape from the Holy Order with her. Outraged at discovering his betrayal, the Holy Ghost ordered his death. Sihara took the job and managed to track down Rayze and Danya and went to engage them with a force of his own elite warriors. Sensing them ahead of time Rayze told Danya to head off without him, and knocked her out and hid her when she protested. As Sihara’s troops arrived, Rayze successfully killed them all, but they took his toll on him. Sihara took advantage of his weakened state and attacked Rayze while he tried to recover. Despite putting up a valiant fight, Rayze was unable to defeat Sihara in his weakened state. In a last ditch attempt to take Sihara with him, Rayze destroyed himself using a Dark Flame suicide technique called the Dark Flash while Danya watched from afar. Unfortunately his sacrifice was in vain as Sihara had managed to use the Dark Warp to escape the blast at the last second.

In the wake of Rayze’s death, the Holy Ghost realized that with the truth about his mentor’s death uncovered and his best friend killed, Cain could likely no longer be trusted. He sent assassins to deal with him, but Cain anticipated them and slaughtered the warriors sent to kill him. Reasoning that if the Holy Ghost had issued an execution order on him then it meant that Rayze was dead, as the Ghost was probably scared of what Cain would do now. Lamenting both the loss of his only friend as well as the scuttling of his own plans, he decided the time had come for him to escape from the Holy Order.

John discovered that the Medallion left to him by his mother is actually a map to the location of and the key to the Crypt of Naru, where Arisada surmises

Kayoken had hidden the Bloodstone. As Dashora and his team were making preparations to locate the Crypt of Naru. Kara was taking the time to relax in one of the hot springs around the Sarada’s hideout, and it was here that Cain appeared to her. After succumbing to his advances (or as she put it “molesting" her), Kara pleaded with him to join the Sarada but he refused. He did stick close by Dashora’s group as they searched for the Bloodstone though. His presence was eventually noticed by John, who interrupted the Cain and Kara during one of their meetings. When Cain asked if he’s there to fight him, John denied it. He told Cain that the group had discovered the Bloodstone and bribed him to come along. With his interest piqued, Cain went with Kara and John to the Sarada. There, he was confronted by his father who wanted to make peace with him. Cain resisted, but when Dashora told Cain about his mother and apologized for failing to protect them 20 years ago Cain relented.

Following the clues

Kayoken left behind, the group discovered where the castle supposedly was buried, but all they found is an empty room. John found a hole into which his medallion fit, which activated the entrance to the Tomb. A hologram of

Kayoken appeared and recognized several of the warriors in the group, particularly Dashora, John (who he calls Karyu) and his daughter Kara. He told the group that they would be subjected to a series of tests before they’d be allowed to take the Bloodstone, and with that, weird symbols which Dashora recognized as Arcana lit up the room, and the group was suddenly teleported to another location.

The group was suddenly under attack by powerful, seemingly un-killable monsters that were twisted versions of Bazu, a Kazanian predator resembling a cross between a dog and a monkey with no eyes. Using the Death Stare ability granted by his Shell, Cain was able to see that the monsters were illusions and he spotted the Arcana symbols generating them. He destroyed them and pointed out that the entire castle seems to be one giant Arcana trap. Dashora said that

Kayoken was a master at the use of Arcana, and it seemed he pulled out all the stops in order to make the Bloodstone difficult to get to.

As they descended into the crypt the hologram of

Kayoken revealed to John that he had a special program just in case he met him. He told to John that the real reason that he was left on Earth was not just that his parents were on the run from the Holy Order, but because he was prophesized to be the next Oversaran who would kill the Holy Ghost.

Kayoken told of how when John’s mother was pregnant for him, his father was sent away on a mission for the Holy Order. On the planet they were sent to destroy, his father and his warriors happened on the Oracle. Defying their attempts to kill him, the Oracle instead related a prophecy that a son of Naru would be born with unimaginable power and that he would be the one to kill the Holy Ghost. Kakadora dismissed the Oracle as a mad man, but one of his warriors who had been placed in his retinue by the Ghost passed the prophecy on to his master. When John was born with S-Class power his parents realized that the prophecy about their son was true and they scrambled to hide him from the Holy Order. They killed the doctor and faked the reading levels so he would appear to be a reject, and then sent him away following the standard practice of sarans to send their failures to die of exposure on other planets. However, they instead had the ship send John to a planet on the far end of the universe where he wasn’t likely to be found.

By now the Ghost had begun to take seriously the prophecy that he would be defeated by a son of Naru and he wiped out all of the Clan he could find, which is why Kakadora was killed and why

Kayoken had decided to give the Bloodstone to Arisada.

Inside the tomb, Cain advised blasting through everything in order to get through it. When the hologram of

Kayoken started heckling Kara, he attempted to blast open the door to the chamber where the Bloodstone was kept with his Dark Strike. However, Kara pulled on his hair and told him to calm down. She sang a song her father taught her as a child and it was discovered that the door was actually a portal to pocket space where the Bloodstone was being kept. As it clinked to the ground Thuro picked it up and was suddenly startled. When asked why he said that he initially wanted the Bloodstone to restore the Fairies, but now that he’d felt it, he said only evil can come of the Stone. If he were to use it to resurrect the Fairies there’s no telling what they’d come back as and with that he gave it up. The group put it in a bag and left.

The Holy Ghost appeared as the group exited the tomb, thanking them for retrieving the Bloodstone for him. Using his powers he took the Bloodstone from Kara’s hands. Cain attacked him on sight but a trigger word from the Ghost knocked him out. Reasoning that he could turn Cain back to the Holy Order, he decided that the others were useless and he might as well kill them now. Dashora attacked the Holy Ghost, but was no match and was mortally wounded. John, Kara, and Danya came to his aid but he waved them off, then telling them to run, and even when they couldn’t sense him anymore to keep running, otherwise he might kill them by accident. In a titanic blast he released his power and transformed into his Oversaran form. As he made another run at the Ghost, John obeyed his orders and fled with Kara and Danya. The battle resulted in a massive explosion, from which only the Holy Ghost emerged before teleporting away with the unconscious Cain. Dashora was dead. John, who had come to see Dashora as a mentor became enraged and felt the first twinge of something roaring from below the surface within him.

Now that the Holy Ghost had the Bloodstone, Arisada decided that they could no longer wait and he gathered the saran Clans for an all out attack of the Castle. John, who wanted revenge for Dashora, donned saran armor for the first time as a tribute to him and willingly participated. During the assault, he cut a large swath through the Holy Order’s ranks single handedly, proving himself equal to any of the Deathwalks. However, he became separated from Kara and Thuro.

Inside the Castle, the Holy Ghost attempted to twist Cain’s mind in order to make him a loyal assassin for the Holy Order once again. Under the pressure of the Ghost’s priests, Cain almost succumbed. However, by remembering his training under Crow he was able to break the Ghost’s hold on him. Through his Bond with Kara he could sense that she was near and that she was in danger. This gave him the push he needed and he was able to force back the influence of the Holy Order. In an explosive display, he escaped and killed his way out of the dungeons. He saved Kara and Thuro, and then proceeded into the catacombs after the Holy Ghost. After fighting his way around the Castle, John finally found Kara and Thuro after they were saved by Cain who had proceeded down to the catacombs beneath the Castle.

Underground, Cain had forced his way through the scattered Holy Order warriors, eventually coming face to face with Brevara and Sihara. The two blocked his way, saying he wouldn’t get past them and they engaged him in combat. At this point though, Cain couldn’t see past his desire to avenge himself on the Holy Ghost, and he effortlessly defeated Brevara and Sihara. In the aftermath he sensed that both were still alive, but resolved to deal with them after he had killed the Ghost. Moving on, Cain found the Holy Ghost in the volcanic underground of the Castle and the two engaged in battle. The Holy Ghost used his Burning Sense to confuse Cain, but using his Death Stare Cain was able to see through the illusions and gain the advantage. Using his superior speed against the Ghost, he succeeded in destroying his cloak. However, he discovered that the cloak’s actual purpose was to suppress the Holy Ghost’s power to make it more manageable. Now with his full Oversaran powers brought to bear, Cain was unable to stand up to the Ghost.

As John, Kara, and Thuro descended further into the catacombs, they met Brevara and Sihara, who had recovered from their defeat by Cain. John readied himself to fight them, but Kara and Thuro said they would take care of them and to go on to the Ghost. Kara took on Sihara while Thuro battled Brevara. Sihara toyed with Kara until he evoked her rage. He underestimated the slave girl’s power and was completely unprepared for it. With a devastating blow to the forehead, he was defeated by Kara. When she moved in for the kill he once again used the Burning Warp technique to escape.

Elsewhere Thuro confronted Brevara, who was still sore from his casual defeat at the hands of Cain. Saying he would make short work of the Fairy before avenging his disgrace on the Prince, Brevara arrogantly taunted Thuro with his murder of the Fairies. During their fight Thuro told Brevara that since they last fought Thuro had his 1000th birthday. When asked why he should care, Thuro explained that fairies gain a tail for every century they see, and that upon reaching their 9th tail they gain the full powers of their race. With that Thuro shifted into his True Form as he had with Cain, but this time he managed to successfully manifest more tails, growing in power with each one. By the time he manifested 9, he unleashed his most powerful Black Magic spell on Brevara, completely destroying him.

In a last ditch effort to kill the Holy Ghost, Cain attempted to use his most powerful Dark Flame technique, the Dark Force. This was a gamble for him since one shot used up all of his power. He built up the attack and fired it at the Holy Ghost but missed. The Ghost looks on in amazement as the technique had enough power to kill him several times over even though he was an Oversaran. Upon seeing the Ghost’s shock at his near death, Cain finally recognized that his grandfather was afraid of dying. He mocked the Ghost for fear unbecoming a warrior, which earned him a severe thrashing at the hands of the enraged Ghost. Deciding that Cain was far too dangerous to be allowed to live, the Holy Ghost impaled Cain on his claws, but Cain managed to summon up the last of his power and blast out the Ghost’s left eye. The Ghost reeled and when he recovered found that Cain was completely unconscious.

John arrived just as the Ghost was about to kill Cain and he stopped him. As the fight continued to go on, John embraced the thrill of the battle and he activated his own Oversaran power to the amazement of everyone. The fight became so frantic that both used the ultimate Burning Flame technique, the Burning Sphere which manifests as a small sun. The power released by the clash of 2 Burning Spheres seriously jeopardized the integrity of the catacombs and they began to collapse. In a last ditch effort to counter John, whose power kept increasing, the Holy Ghost attempted to use the Bloodstone against him, but John shot off his hand. Cain came to in time to see John in his Oversaran form finish off the Holy Ghost. In a final charge both released their full power, and when the dust cleared it was only John that remained standing. The Ghost mocked John that with his defeat something far worse was on its way. With that his body dissolved and a victorious John dropped out of his Oversaran form and passed out. When he came to the catacombs were collapsing and John realized that Cain was awake and carrying him to safety, despite his terrible wounds. As the collapse became more dangerous Cain threw John to safety. He yelled for Cain to come with him, but the Dark Prince refused his offer of aid and seemingly perished.

In the aftermath, Arisada was installed on the saran Throne. Sihara had seemingly escaped with a mysterious prisoner. Cain appeared to have perished when the catacombs collapsed after John killed the Holy Ghost. Kara insisted he was still alive but no one else believed it. Regardless, Kara was heartbroken. As the last volume closed Cain was found on a far away planet, continuing his training under the legendary assassin and teacher of Crow, Rahan.

12005 A.C. Ultimate Fall of the Holy OrderEdit

2 years after the Holy Ghost’s death, Arisada’s reign seemed stable as he had managed to unite the saran Clans as well as reestablish the dominance of the Saran Empire. John had mastered his Oversaran form, Cain was still nowhere to be found, and Kara had taken another lover in Talyn, a warrior of the powerful Murokai Clan. However, the sense of ease in the wake of the Ghost’s defeat came to an end after news that the King Crash, the Great Enemy, had returned to the Universe for the first time in thousands of years.</p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">This alarmed the Sarans, and King Arisada decided that Cain’s power would prove invaluable in the fight. Since it was known the Holy Ghost created Cain specifically to fight the Great Enemy, the King wanted his help in the fight against Crash. However, tracking his movements was difficult until Thuro, who had also vanished from Kazan following the destruction of the Holy Order, arrived on Kazan and told Arisada that Cain was on in training, tracking down and challenging the most powerful fighters in the universe. When pressed he wouldn’t admit to how he knew this, but he agreed to accompany John and Kara to bring him back. So the group boarded John’s ship, the Rocco II (formerly known as the Red Jewel), and set out in search of the Dark Prince. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">Cain, who had disappeared after the final fight with the Holy Ghost, had been training across the universe in an attempt to become stronger. Trying to prove that he was the strongest fighter in the universe, he challenged any powerful opponent he could find. He developed quite a reputation, and began making his way to the Frehm Tournament where he wanted to test his new powers. Following news of Cain, John and the others ended up on the planet Epic where they were encountered by a group of superheroes called the Crusaders, lead by Sovereign. The group easily defeated them, with John recognizing Sovereign’s power and becoming an Oversaran to neutralize him. The shocked Sovereign stated that he had seen that transformation before, and not eager to face it again told John what had happened. Sovereign revealed that Cain had come to the planet seemingly for the sole purpose of picking a fight specifically with him. The two battled evenly until Cain became bored and attempted to leave. When Sovereign tried to stop him he said Cain turned into a “red monster” and effortlessly beat him, thereafter leaving to find stronger opponents. It was then that Thuro advised that they go to the Frehm Arena, where the strongest fighters in the Universe were gathering for Dio’s Tournament. With that, the group headed to the Arena after Cain, but were initially unable to find him. While there, Thuro ran into two old friends of his: Hefe and Bruno, who joined with the Sarans to find the Prince. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">By the time they located him, Cain had already made his way to Finals. They watched as he easily defeated a cyborg warrior named Isaac. During the battle, Cain transformed into his Oversaran form, completely shocking the crowd. After toying with Isaac to show off his new power, Cain proceeded to tear the cyborg apart. That he had already mastered his Oversaran form unnerved John. Though as an Oversaran he would definitely be more help against King Crash, John was not sure that the Dark Prince could be trusted with all that power. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">Meanwhile Kara, who was still angry at Cain for leaving her on Kazan 2 years ago, decided to sneak into the competition to confront him. She slipped away from the rest of the grouped to seek out a girl named Leeta, who was the fighter scheduled to fight him next. Kara beat Leeta up and stole her clothes, thereafter taking her place in the competition. Using a scrambler to mask her energy signature and her scent, Kara entered the Arena to take on the Prince. However, Cain saw through her disguise and when Leeta managed to escape from the compartment Kara locked her in the fight was disqualified. After the match was over, the group confronted Cain and told him of Crash. Cain was less than happy with the notion of returning to the home world, and initially refused to go. It was not until Cain was told that Kara had taken another lover that he got infuriated and agreed, swearing that he’d kill her lover and put her back in a slave collar.</p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">While they were away, Crash mounted his assault and arrived on Planet Kazan to retrieve the Bloodstone. He was attended by two figures, one was the Deathwalk Sihara, who Crash had promoted to the rank of Holy Ghost, and the other was Crash’s son Gaia. After discovering that it was no longer on Kazan, Crash killed Arisada and destroyed the planet. When the team returned and found Kazan destroyed, the Sarans were overcome with grief. With no other place to turn to, John decided to take the group to Earth. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">Soon after arriving on the planet, Cain sensed a strange presence following them and went alone to investigate. He encountered an masked warrior who Cain recognized as a Divai Assassin. Unable to remember ever having fought the Divai or done anything to earn their ire, Cain asked if the warrior before him was a disciple or something looking for revenge, but was only met by silence. The warrior attacked him, and Cain effortlessly brushed off the attack. The warrior was a Fairy girl named Bellona, who had tried to assassinate him after he had finished his training with Rahan. She announced that she had followed him to the Frehm Arena and that it was her intention to avenge her people on the Sarans and challenged him. Using the signature skill of the Divai, called Infinite Arms, she launched a massive attack against Cain in an attempt to kill him. She thought she’d won, but was stunned to see that Cain became Over Cain and did not look injured at all. Cain then appeared behind her and defeated her with a single blow, and just as he was about to kill her John and Thuro showed up. Thuro managed to convince Cain not to kill her when he told him that Bellona was his daughter (he would later admit to embellishing, saying that Bellona was “like a daughter” to him). Aggravated, Cain left and Thuro managed to convince Bellona to join them.</p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">While on Earth, John went to visit his ex-girlfriend, June Hammer. June mistook Kara, who had come with him, as his new girlfriend and was infuriated when she thought that John had revealed his secret to “some random floozy.” He explained that she was actually his cousin, and briefly told her how he had gone to visit his home planet and all that had happened there. He apologized for his actions following the deaths of his parents and asked her if she couldn’t forgive him then to please understand him. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">While he was with her they were encountered by Sihara, one of the surviving Deathwalks who had joined with Crash. Sihara told John that Crash’s son Gaia had long been a prisoner of the Holy Ghost, and that after the Ghost’s defeat he released him and had together they went to alert the God King Crash to the Ghost’s demise and that the sarans had control of the Bloodstone. He thereafter joined with Crash in order to get his revenge against the Sarada. He went on to say that Crash was on his way to Earth, where Arisada had allegedly hidden the Bloodstone before Kazan was destroyed. He would then use the power of Shiva for himself and there was nothing John or the others could do to stop him. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">Realizing he was short on time, John returned to the others and told them what he had just learned from Sihara. It was not long before King Crash arrived on Earth. Sensing his terrible power almost immediately, the group set out to stop him. They never got face to face with Crash, as he sent his son Gaia, Sihara, and a large company of Holy Order fighters to hold them off. John was fought by Gaia, who knew that John was the one who killed the Holy Ghost and wanted to take him on. After a brief skirmish, the Holy Order forces retreated and the group realized they’d failed to stop Crash from retrieving the Bloodstone. Elsewhere, Cain pursued Sihara, but the traitor managed to make his escape with the other Holy Order soldiers. They rejoined Crash aboard his shuttle and returned to the Providence.</p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">The group boarded the ROCCO II and chased after them. Caught up in the whirlwind of activity, June refused to let John rush out of her life again and she demanded that he take her with him. Not having the time to argue, he agreed and she came with the group as they set out after Crash. The group was rather perplexed as to the girl’s identity, but she gradually revealed hers and John’s past together and that she’s known for years that he was an alien. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">Eventually, they managed to catch up to the Providence and they boarded it. </p> <p style="margin-right:.2in">


John bites off more than he can chew with Crash.

The group fought their way through Crash’s warriors, but became split up. They continued deeper into the Providence to find the Bloodstone. During this, John, Thuro, and Hefe ran into Crash. He greeted the warriors, impressed that they’d made it aboard his ship. John transformed into an Oversaran in order to fight him, and to everyone’s surprise quickly overwhelmed him. John guessed that Crash was twice as powerful as the Holy Ghost, but Crash laughed and said that even the weakest of the gods could have felled Zanko with one blow. He then transformed into a brutish golden dragon to better fight him, but discovered that their strengths were about even. Frustrated at the course of the battle, Crash transformed again into a larger more fearsome dragon form and finally managed to defeat John. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">The battle attracted the attention of the others and the 7 reunited. Upon the sight of Crash, Cain responding to a mental trigger implanted in him by the Holy Ghost, snapped and attacked him on sight. Surprisingly the unrestrained Cain completely manhandled the behemoth, and he stood over the God King to mock him. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Crash recognized the voice coming out of his mouth as that of Zanko, the Holy Ghost. Crash then realized that Cain was the weapon the Ghost had created to kill him, but told the shade of Zanko that he had never seen Crash’s true power. He boasted of the curse the Elder Gods had placed on him and his siblings to lose control of their power and become mutated into monstrous dragon-like bodies, and that in order to get around it they sealed away 4/5th of their power. Crash transformed into his True Form, giving him back the dimensions of his elf form, but with the golden scales of his dragon form. With this he began to overwhelm Cain in a display of power that shocked the rest of the 7, and he succeeded in beating him into unconsciousness. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">John, realizing the bleakness of the situation, used his Burning Warp teleported everyone back aboard the Rocco II to escape. The Providence took pursuit and succeeded in shooting down the Rocco II. Before they could be overtaken, June fired one of the Rocco II’s Doomsday Bombs at the Providence and crippled it. She managed to make the jump to Warp, but the Rocco II was heavily damaged.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">As the Rocco II jumped to Warp, Crash sent a call to the Ogre Republic demanding assistance. They immediately sent him their best team of warriors, the Paladins, to track down and kill the warriors. The Ogre government, which was riddled with members of the Holy Order, sent the most powerful Paladin team they had to Crash. The leader of this team, called Orion, had a reputation as one of the greatest warriors in the Universe. He revealed that he had assembled his team of Paladins for the express purpose of countering the Deathwalks.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">In the meantime the ROCCO II dropped out of Warp heavily damaged. A quick survey of the local planets brought up the desert planet of Seere. Despite Bellona’s assurances that the planet was uninhabited, Cain enthusiastically disagreed. He revealed that he had been there before while he was training. The planet wasn’t uninhabited as originally thought, and that they can find help there. Seeing little recourse, John set a course for Seere. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">A year ago Cain’s ship malfunctioned and he had to land on Seere. While there, he met a human scientist by the name of “Doc” Hammer, who eventually gave Cain his own space ship so that he could leave Seere and continue with his training. Hammer was surprised at seeing Cain again, but even more to his surprise was that several of the passengers recognized him as well. Hefe recognized him as Capt. Hammer of SENTINEL, who had disappeared from the Order 10 years ago. More incredibly, June recognized him as her long lost uncle. Hammer explained how many years ago he had been an agent of Earth’s extraterrestrial affairs department known as AEGIS (their black suited agents are a well known part of UFO lore). After being loaned out to SENTINEL he had been offered a commission, which he took. With his scientific genius he quickly became Captain of the 32nd Legion in charge of R&D. However, after a while his research became dangerous and he moved in self imposed exile to the planet of Seere. Overjoyed at being reunited with his niece, he grudgingly agreed to fix the ROCCO II.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Over the course of their stay on the planet, John taught June how to pilot the ROCCO II. As the weeks went by on Seere, the two renewed their romance. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Also during their stay on the desert planet, Kara entered her heat cycle. Overtaken by amorous feelings, she jumps Cain who she had up till now been avoiding. Strengthened by the Bond the two shared, Kara was unable to do anything other than seek Cain out. However, as her cycle ended, she was able to once again control herself and once again became distant to him, much to Cain’s violent frustration. </p>

<p style="margin-right: 0.2in;">The Paladins succeeded in tracking the 7 to Seere, and decided to isolate them and kill them one by one. They first encountered Cain, Thuro, and Bruno, who were in the desert training. Sensing them beforehand, Cain seized the initiative and attacked, but was soon overtaken by them. Thuro and Bruno came to Cain’s aid, but they too were beaten by the Paladins. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Eventually, John, Bellona, Kara, and Hefe arrived on the scene to even the odds. At the sight of Cain’s life being threatened, Kara went all out and killed Hecta. As they overwhelmed the Paladins, Cain attacked Bluto and killed him. Not liking the odds, Orion ordered the remaining Paladins to retreat.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">After healing, Cain transformed into his Oversaran form and pursued them. He found them and demanded to know where Crash was heading with the Bloodstone. Casca began to panic but Orion forbade him to speak. With that Cain shrugged and threatened to torture them until they told him. Orion, who believed Cain would be no more challenging than he was before, ordered Casca and Paris to attack. The Dark Prince easily killed the two, afterwards turning his attention to Orion. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Still unimpressed by Cain’s display of his Oversaran form, Orion insisted that the difference between his power and the power of the others was great enough that Cain shouldn’t be a problem. He brought the full bear of his powers against the Dark Prince, but quickly realized he was being toyed with. Cain was putting out so much power that his aura was burning Orion. He beat Orion until the Paladin could no longer fight. Before Orion died, Cain made him reveal where Crash had taken the Bloodstone so he could get it and use it himself.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Cain returned to the group and told them that Crash had gone to planet Ultima, the legendary home of the Gods. Once Hammer finished his repairs to the ROCCO II, the group set out for the planet. Unfortunately, Ultima’s location was lost long ago and now only SENTINEL High Command knew of its location. While passing through a SENTINEL checkpoint, June and ROCCO managed to hack into the SENTINEL mainframe and learn the location of the planet. While at the checkpoint that June was inoculated with the Athanasia Serums. Also, when asked by the SENTINEL Officer to identify themselves, June, who was a big fan of Western Films, introduced the group as the Magnificent Seven. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Analyzing the data gotten from SENTINEL, the group was shocked to discover that Ultima was in another dimension. Even more distressing was the discovery that the only path to it was the Dragon Road, a series of tricky Warp Jumps into the super massive black hole in the Galactic Center. However, the group’s resolve was unshakable, and with the location of Ultima now clear, the group set out again.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">On the way the ROCCO II passed close to Planet Vellum, the location Rahan’s Temple. Cain explained that he had spent most of the year after the fall of the Holy Order training with the legendary fighting master in order to unlock his Oversaran Power (Cain had already been trained in Rahan’s methods his whole life by Crow, so Rahan didn’t need very much time to complete Cain’s training). Cain convinced the group to hold there while he went to see the old Master, though Thuro, who had also been a disciple of Rahan, refused to go down saying he and Rahan had nothing to say to eachother. Cain went down to the Planet to see his master with Kara tagging along. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">When they arrived Cain blew Kara off to meet up with one of Rahan’s disciples, a girl named Green. Watching them interact, Kara became jealous and demanded to know what was between them. Cain ignored her and went off to talk with Rahan about the trigger the Holy Ghost left in his mind that activated upon his seeing of King Crash, as well as his progress with his Oversaran form. Rahan, on the other hand, also took an interest in Kara’s ability to learn or closely mimic any technique after seeing it once demonstrated during a sparring match with Green. After a brief training session which left Kara dazed, Rahan admitted to having passed some of his teachings onto the tiny saran and that if she worked hard she’d understand what he did (he had used his psychic powers to implant his training directly into Kara’s mind to activate once she was ready for it). As to Cain’s problem, he lamented that some of the Holy Ghost’s influence was too deep for him to dig out when Cain was with him, but he suggested that Kara could do it for him if he’d let her. Before leaving Cain spoke with Green one last time, where she agreed with Rahan and told Cain he should trust Kara.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">When they returned to the Rocco II, Cain grudgingly asked Kara if she was still mad at him. She replied no, and he asked her to use her psychic powers to go through his mind to try to root out any other triggers the Holy Ghost had left in his mind. She agreed, and through their Bond dove into Cain’s mind. While there, she dealt with several aspects of his personality, including the part of himself the Holy Ghost had buried in Cain’s mind. The disembodied aspect of the Holy Ghost affirmed Kara’s fear that Cain was evil, and attempted to pull Kara into the darkness of Cain’s soul, but by tapping into the Cain’s love for her, which was the one force of good in Cain, she was able to burn out the Holy Ghost and released Cain from his influence forever. When Kara came back from Cain’s mind, she realized that while the Holy Ghost was right and that Cain was evil, he also had a little bit of good in him in his love for her. It was this love that saved Cain from just being a weapon for the Holy Order and convinced Kara that Cain was worth fighting for.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">The group found their way to the last planet before the opening to Ultima, the planet Arkadia. On this planet was the great Temple of the Gods, and the group went down to the planet to see if there were any last clues in the temple. They were shocked to find the planet destroyed and abandoned, and Thuro said that according to legend the planet was among the first victims of Shiva’s rampage. Entering the Temple the group found themselves before large golden statues of the 12 Dragons of Heaven and they marveled at them. Looking at the statues June said she suddenly understood the way through the Dragon Road. Suddenly Crash manifested himself through his statue and taunted the warriors about thinking they could stop him. He then animated the statues to attack them, but the warriors quickly destroyed them.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">With this the Rocco II had followed the Dragon Road to its end and all that remained was the tricky navigation through the Black Hole to enter the Ultima dimension. John trusted June however, and handed the controls over to her. It was a good call, as thanks to her instincts the small ship managed to hit the dimensional portal and emerge into Ultima.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Upon arriving, John and Cain went out first and encountered Gaia. John transformed into his Oversaran form and fought Gaia, easily kicking him around. He soon realized that Gaia could lead them to Crash, and let him escape. However, Cain did not see this and transformed to block him. Panicked, Gaia attacked him, but was easily beaten around by Cain. Eventually, he picked up on John’s plan and allowed him to escape. Remaining a safe distance behind him, they followed Gaia to Crash’s fortress. Gaia informed Crash that the Sarans were on Ultima, and Crash began to realize that they presented a threat to him.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">As John and his team prepared for the fight with Crash, Gaia was given a huge power up to fight them. When the group arrived at the Providence, they were intercepted by Gaia. John urged the others to go on ahead while he took care of him. After an epic battle, Over John killed Gaia. Cain used the fight with Gaia as an opportunity to slip away and search for the Bloodstone, but ended up running into Sihara instead. Sihara baited Cain into a fight with what looked to be the Bloodstone, but completely underestimated the difference between his and Cain’s power. Without needing to use his Oversaran form, Cain completely outclassed Sihara. In his victory, he realized that the Bloodstone Sihara had on him was a fake.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">While John fought Gaia, the others encountered Crash himself. He easily beat them around and blew a hole through Bellona. At the sight of her almost being killed, Thuro snapped and attacked Crash with everything he had. The battle was short and fierce, but Crash still beat him. It was then that John arrived and he stopped Crash before he could kill Thuro. Amazed by the level of power John was demonstrating Crash was being driven to use more and more of his own strength, swelling his muscles to ridiculous proportions. John and Crash were evenly matched and Crash began to notice that he was becoming damaged by his own power. Desperate, he used the Bloodstone to save his life, and it stabilized his power and allowed him to exceed his limits. Charged with Shiva energy and with his previous weakness eradicated, he beat the Oversaran. Feeling that victory was in his hands, he decided to finish off the warriors, starting with Kara. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">As the last one standing, Kara realized it was up to her to save her friends. She fought hard, but was unable to make any real headway against Crash. Crash on the other hand, was growing increasingly frustrated at Kara’s endurance. As the fight went on, Kara felt herself running out of steam, but she was committed to protecting her friends. Even if she knew she could not beat Crash, she would not allow herself to be beaten. It was then that she felt as if her hand being guided by a strange force, and realized she had tapped into the teachings Rahan had put directly into her mind. Thanks to his tweaking, she realized that her Burning Sense had evolved to a form of pre-cognition and she was able to predict Crash’s moves. With renewed determination, she continued her struggle against Crash. However, as it stood the gulf between their power was too great and her body was slowly giving out on her.</p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Cain sensed her pain through the telepathic link they had developed and abandoned his search for the Bloodstone to come to her aid. At the sight of Crash ready to kill Kara, Cain’s Oversaran form reached another level of power and almost destroyed the entire fortress in the process. John, who had come to at this point, used the opportunity to teleport the wounded warriors back aboard the Rocco II while Crash was fighting Cain. The effort proved too much for him though, and he collapsed once the group got back to the ship. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Not wanting to lose Cain again, Kara hurried back to the battle but was unable to get close because of the powerful barrier put up by Crash to prevent the others from interfering in the fight. The titanic struggle seemed to rock the planet Ultima to its foundations. </p>

<p style="margin-right:.2in">

Cain's Darkness vs. Crash's Light.

Midway through the fight, Crash presented the Bloodstone to Cain, suggesting that they combine forces to conquer the universe. Cain was very nearly taken in by Crash’s offer, but he turned him down and destroyed the Bloodstone. This enraged Crash and the two resumed their fighting. After a long, heated battle, Over Cain killed Crash using the Dark Force Attack.

<p style="margin-right:.2in">News of the death of Crash spread throughout the universe. When the identity of the warriors responsible for the great feat came into question, a SENTINEL record came up and identified them as The Magnificent Seven. Before long, the names of the Magnificent Seven were widespread. It was by this name that John, Cain, Kara, Thuro, Bellona, Hefe, and Bruno would forever be remembered. Meanwhile, at a meeting of the Watchers, the masters of the SENTINEL Order and true leaders of the All Union, the defeat of Crash is met with less adulation than is being felt throughout the universe. That there were people out there with more power than King Crash, himself a god, makes them nervous. In fear of their incredible power, the Watchers placed a price on their heads and sent SENTINEL after them.</p>

12006 A.C. The Dirty Captain

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22315">The Magnificent 7 were passing through a certain sector of space and are enjoying themselves at a tavern.  It is then that Mafiosi barge in and begin harassing the waitresses, other patrons, and the owner. </p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22498">John, Hefe, and Thuro attack the Mafiosi headquarters, and are confronted by the gang leader, Daxx. </p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22503">A SENTINEL Captain appears who Hefe recognizes as the greatly respected Captain Van Maximo.  He is then confused when instead of arresting Daxx he turns and asks why the 7 are still alive.  John tries to fight him, and has an unexpectedly hard time.  Maximo asks to see his true power and John turns into an Oversaran.  He then finds that he cannot defeat Maximo as he is somehow turning all of John’s attacks back against him.  Maximo then somehow steals John’s power from him, dropping him back to his normal form and beating him with incredible power.  He then attempts to dump the outlaws into space, but John manages to use the last of his power to teleport them back to the Rocco II.</p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal">They battle again.  Maximo steals the power from John and Cain with the Eye of Dawn to add to his own, and begins trouncing them.  The two Oversarans then begin powering up and Maximo continues to try to consume their power.  Eventually they succeed in overloading the eye and Maximo has a massive power drop.  He makes one last attack, but John punches him in the face knocking out the eye, which he catches and then crushes.  By now the Watchers have become aware of what’s been happening and agents from the 666th Legion arrive.  Maximo and his men are captured while the 7 get away.  In the epilogue John discovers that Maximo was freed by his followers and has escaped from justice.</p>

12007 A.C. Crisis in the World of Magic

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22504">Thuro finds himself summoned by the High Council of the Society of High Sorcery, and they go to the Tower to be met by them.  The other 7 discover to their amazement that Grand Master isn’t just something that Thuro calls himself to sound like a big shot, it was a title bestowed on him by the High Council in recognition of his abilities and the title comes with certain responsibilities.  Since Thuro is also in the company of extremely powerful outlaws, the Council wishes to hire them as well.</p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22524">Lich is explained to be an ancient disciple of the goddess Castor who attempted to betray her and was punished by having his soul extracted and was banished to a prison dimension by her.</p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22529">He has since resurfaced, and is attempting to collect the powerful Sage Relics which once belonged to him.  With these, he will become enormously powerful and be in a position to threaten the Universe.</p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22530">A bunch of other shit happens</p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22531">Lich raids the Tower of High Sorcery, attempting to get to Castor’s Throne.  The 7 follow him and attempt to stop him. </p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal">Lich summons the 4 Great Elemental Fiends to take care of the 7, battles ensue.</p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22532">John and Thuro make it to Lich and engage him in battle, but Thuro is unable to match Lich.  John offers to keep him busy while Thuro searches for his Phylactery.  Despite John’s interference Lich manages to make his way to the Throne, but as John moves to attack him, Thuro breaks the Phylactery restoring Lich’s soul and mortality to him.  Lich’s joy is shortlived though, as his head is exploded by John’s punch.  He looks bewildered and says “I didn’t mean to do that.”</p>

12008 A.C. The Lost Soul

<p style="margin-right:.2in">Jaxx Barro, the previous owner of the Rocco II tries to reclaim her ship for a special mission.</p>

12010 A.C. The Vampire HordeEdit

King Crash was dead and the Holy Order was completely destroyed. All was not well in the Universe however. The Jehdan Imperium was locked in a terrible war with the vampire cult known as the Horde, which was lead by powerful Necromancer and former Jehdan baron named Frett. As Frett released a juggernaut called Drake, the Horde began gaining ground on the Jehdans. More distressing to her was that their forces had been increasing since the death of Crash, and that the leaders of the Horde were coming from the South Kingdom.

For this reason, Princess Tei went to try to recruit the Magnificent 7, who had been on the run from the law since the defeat of Crash. The Watchers decided that a small group with the power to defeat a God being was too dangerous to be allowed to be running around, so they put SENTINEL after them. Despite Emperor Timon’s assurances that the Horde was nothing to be concerned about as long as they had the powerful space fortress Antioch at their disposal, his daughter Tei was worried that the Horde was a bigger threat than he was willing to admit. With her bodyguards Phaedra and Atlas, and former SENTINEL Face she went to find the only people she believed were powerful enough to stand up to the Horde.

By the time Tei found them they’d been laying low bouncing around the Universe for over 3 years. She found them hiding out at Arkem Space Port, where she managed to find her old friend Thuro. Through him she managed to meet the other 7 and she tried to hire them to kill Frett. They were initially dismissive of her saying that the problems of the Jehdan Imperium were none of their concern. However, Tei revealed to them that not only was the Jehdan Imperium in possession of the shards of the Bloodstone which Cain had shattered, but there were also saran survivors at the Jehdan Royal Palace on Tanthalas.

They were then attacked by a group of vampire fighters, who they wiped out without too much trouble. Cain identified the group as Reavers, a elite fighters of the Horde. While the others were curious of how Cain could know about them, he reminded them that he was the top killer for the Holy Order for 11 years and personally knew most of the worst villains in the Universe. He revealed what he knew of the Horde saying that they were “lame” and a “complete joke.” He said that their Reavers were the most powerful warriors they had, but none that he ever met impressed him at all. John asked the others what they wanted to do. Bellona told him that since he was the Captain, he should decide and the others all agreed they’d follow. With that he decided to help out the Jehdans and they went to Tanthalas.

Once they arrived there they were encountered by another elite Horde team of Reavers, but the 7 defeated them just as easily as they defeated the previous Reavers. Cain offered to go and kill Frett while the others went to the Palace with Tei. John suspected that there was more to Cain’s wish to stay clear of the Jehdans and Phaedra told him that 5 years ago Cain had been hired by Frett to completely destroy the Jehdan province of Sirius. While they had never been able to prove it was the Deathwalks who were responsible for the genocide, they were strongly suspected. For this reason, Cain was a wanted criminal within the Jehdan Imperium. It was also revealed that Phaedra’s older brother had been in charge of the defense of Sirius and had been killed by the Deathwalks.

Elsewhere, Cain managed to locate Frett on the bridge of his mothership and the two bantered back and forth about when Frett had hired Cain. When Cain asked exactly what Frett had hired them to attack Sirius for anyway, Frett merely smiled. He revealed his warrior Drake and Cain recognized him from a statue he had seen when he attacked the planet all those years ago. Frett ordered Drake to kill the Dark Prince, but he became an Oversaran and quickly defeated the vampire. He attempted to finish him off with his Dark Strike attack but missed the kill shot, instead blowing off most of the left side of Drake’s body. In a panic Frett used his magic to subdue Cain and Drake collapsed a mountain on top of him.

At the Palace, John and the others were introduced to Torm and Talena, who were revealed to be the twin children of Dashora and Robia. It was explained that when Robia defected to the Sarada she was pregnant, and had the children in secret. After she was killed by the Holy Ghost, their existence was revealed to Dashora. Realizing that they would have to be kept out of the hands of Holy Order, he took them from Kazan with him when he set out on his mission to find the son of Kakadora. Later he passed through the Jehdan Imperium at the invitation of Emperor Timon, who figured they would become a good bargaining chip if they were ever needed. Hoping they’d be safe with the Jehdans, Dashora then proceeded on his mission to find the boy who turned out to be John. At this point Cain had broken free from the rubble and returned to the palace to tell everyone of what had happened. When he met Torm and Talena he was visibly shaken by the news that he had a brother and sister.

Meanwhile Frett used his magics to repair Drake’s body while being berated by the newly arrived Horde Nobles. While he was healing, Drake had a vision of Lilith who told him it was his destiny to become her greatest servant. Lilith showed him his past life as Count Victor Drake, the most powerful Jehdan in history and the arch enemy of the Unforgiven, and that even then she was with him. He also bore witness to his reanimation as a vampire by Frett’s magics. She told him to obtain the Bloodstone shards and use their power to bring her into this universe. To further empower him, she shared with him the secret of his ultimate power. Within his coffin, Drake’s body began to mutate, completing its evolution to the perfect Vampire. Upon awakening, he attacked Frett and the Horde Nobles, drinking their blood and gaining all of their power and knowledge. With no one left to oppose him, he assumed leadership of the Horde.

He launched an attack on the Jehdans and managed to catch them off guard. Tei took the Bloodstone shards and escaped with them, but Drake and his warriors pursued. John, Cain, Thuro, and Torm stayed behind while the rest of the group got to the ROCCO II in order to escape. Kara argued with Cain that she wanted to stay and fight too, but after he convinced her to go with the others (“could ye not be a pain in the ass and just do what’s asked of ye, please?”) she left them anyway. She told them that she was going on ahead to clear the way to the ROCCO II of any tough opponents, saying she’d leave the weak ones to them.

John fought Drake first, but he demonstrated infinitely more power than he had and John was beaten in a violent display. After quickly gaining the advantage over John he impaled him on his arm. At the sight of this Torm became enraged and became an Oversaran. However, he was unable to control the form and began wildly attacking Drake until he was subdued by Cain, who told him he wasn’t ready to use that power yet. Cain was pleased to see that Drake was more powerful than before and that maybe fighting him wouldn’t be a waste of time, but their fight was interrupted when a group of SENTINEL Officers arrived. Drake used the opportunity to withdraw while Gideon, the leader of the SENTINELs present, attempted to arrest Cain. The tussle was brief and ended when the saran broke his Power Sword with his bare hands. As the rest of the SENTINEL force arrived, Cain decided to drop out of his Oversaran form and he, Thuro, and the unconscious John and Torm were placed under arrest.

They were taken aboard a Ship of the Line where they were united with the other Magnificent 7 who had been captured while trying to make it to the ROCCO II. Kara was brought into the cell afterwards, as she had resisted and taken a long time to subdue, and was only brought down thanks to the skills of Captain Lobo of the 24th Legion. Gideon appeared and admonished Hefe and Bellona for becoming criminals, since they both used to be noteworthy SENTINEL Captains themselves. Tei attempted to use her clout as Jehdan royalty to secure their release, but Gideon ignored her.

As they left, the 7 discussed what was going on. Hefe explained the identities of the SENTINEL agents present, especially Gideon who he said had a reputation as being second only to Commander Solo in skill and power, but was also a total cocksucker. In their cell with them was another prisoner calling himself Adam. He was largely regarded as annoying as he keeps asking all the women present to show him their breasts, but he also seems to know an absurd amount about the Horde and the Bloodstone shards they’re after. It was then that John recognized him as the Oracle who he had met at Arkem Station when he’d first set out into space. Adam didn’t deny the identification, and said that despite the apparent stability of the situation he predicted that everything was about to “turn to shit” and that the 7 better be ready to make a run for it.

SENTINEL had the planet surrounded and contacted the Horde to negotiate Drake’s surrender. He scoffed at the idea and said that it was time for the Blood Knights to return home. At that Gideon took his Lieutenant’s Power Sword from her and ran her through with it, dropping it on her corpse. Two other Captains, Lobo and Chaney also dropped their demeanors and slaughtered their partners. Chaney in particular revealed himself to be extremely brutal as he had tortured everyone on the bridge of his ship to death before Drake had even given his order. Gideon then used a signal that disabled the weapons and shields of all the SENTINEL ships leaving them as sitting ducks for the Horde forces and it became a slaughter. Onboard the flagship 4 Horde warriors in black cloaks confronted Gideon, Lobo, and Chaney, and it was revealed that Gideon was the leader of the Blood Knights, the strongest warriors in the Horde.

Meanwhile, using his teleportation powers gained from Frett’s magic, Drake managed to appear on the bridge of the Antioch. Making his way to the Emperor Timon, Drake drained his blood, gaining the Emperor’s psionic power as well as knowledge of the Jehdan Defense Network. He thereafter took control of the Antioch and sent the Jehdan navy into disarray. When the Jehdan ships left he began devastating the surface of Tanthalas as well as the remaining SENTINEL ships.

The 7 managed to escape in the confusion and made their way to the ROCCO II. Along the way they picked up Tei and her bodyguards (Phaedra, Atlas, and Face) as well as the two surviving SENTINEL Officers Scarlet and the android Cuffs. Once they’re safely onboard the ROCCO II they argue about where to go from there. On the bridge, Tei revealed that she had stolen the Bloodstone shards to keep them safe. Everyone began arguing when Adam suddenly appeared on the bridge and told them that things had gotten worse as he predicted. The most important thing, he told them, was to keep the Bloodstone Shards out of the hands of the Horde. When pressed exactly what the deal with him was, Adam revealed that he was Guardian of Midgard (“It’s kinda my job to keep an eye on things around here”) and he had an interest in what happened with the Bloodstone shards. John asked if that meant he’d going to help, but Adam told him he was just “along for the ride.” In response, John called him useless. At the urging of June, John finally agreed that they’d return to Earth, thinking that no one would think to look for them on a tiny backwater world like that and they’d lie low for a while.

As the group arrived on Earth John and June sought refuge for everyone from June’s mother Maybelle Hammer, who John referred to as the Woman Made Of Ice (in contrast for his name for June who he calls the Woman Made Of Fire). It was made abundantly clear upon their meeting that June and her mother didn’t get along, whereas John was scared to death of the woman. Despite this, Maybelle reluctantly extended the courtesy of her house to her daughter and her friends.

At this time, Cain took an interest in his two younger siblings. He told them that since they were also children of Dashora and Robia they had the potential to be Oversarans, and if they were going to be of any use the upcoming battle they were going to have to learn to access and control that power. He asked Adam to send them to a “suitable place to train” where he could give them a crash course in becoming Oversarans. Adam took them to a planet that was very close to exploding. Cain stated his intention to use the dangerous conditions to repeatedly force the twins to the brink of death in the hopes that it would bring out their true power.

Unfortunately for the Magnificent 7, the Horde had planted a tracer on the ROCCO II and followed it to Earth, plowing through the SENTINEL fleet sent to stop them. The Horde arrived on the planet with their battle fleet lead by the battle fortress Antioch, which they had taken from the conquered Jehdans. With the phantom of Lilith whispering in his ear, Drake swiftly took over the Earth, while searching for the Magnificent 7 who were trying to keep Tei hidden. Using his incredible necromantic power, Drake began transforming Earth into a nightmare world, summoning horrific monsters which terrify the populace. He had also granted each member of the Blood Knights an Evolved Form similar to his own, significantly increasing their power. As a show of power the Horde destroyed California. John and June managed to rescue June’s younger sister Anita, who was in LA to become an actress.

The Horde forces scoured the planet looking for the Magnificent 7 lead by the members of Blood Knights. Despite their wish to take the fight to the Horde, even the sarans were forced to admit they simply didn’t have the power to make much of a difference. The attempts of Scarlet and Cuffs to contact SENTINEL were successful, but revealed horrible news. In order to contain the threat of the Horde, the Watchers had initiated an Extermination Order. When the group asked what it was, Hefe and Face explained about the Hapes Disaster that resulted in both of them leaving SENTINEL.

Years before, an incident occurred when a powerful Selikan warlord called Undart seized control of the planet Hapes. Face and Hefe and their Legions were sent to stop him, but the situation quickly collapsed. Because they were unable to defeat Undart and contain his threat, the Watchers issued an Extermination Order and used a full third of SENTINEL’s might to destroy the planet Hapes and everything surrounding it. That the Watchers regarded the Horde as a big enough threat to call an Extermination Order was seriously distressing to all. The idea was brought up to simply break through the blockade and escape the planet, perhaps leading the Horde away in the process. However, it was discovered that the presence of the Bloodstone shards was the only reason Drake hadn’t destroyed the Earth. With typical saran pragmatism, Kara reasoned that even if they flee Drake was just going to follow them so long as they had the Bloodstone shards, so they might as well take care of him on Earth. Unless they could destroy Drake themselves before SENTINEL arrived, Earth would be destroyed, either by the Horde or SENTINEL itself.

In fear of the Extermination Order, Atlas secretly made contact with the Horde, offering to exchange Tei and the Bloodstone Shards in return for his safety. Taking advantage of the restlessness of the Magnificent 7 and their resentment at not being able to turn and fight, Atlas tempted them with information about how to make a hit against the Horde. Some kind of guerilla strike but against exactly what I haven’t figured out yet. Atlas shielded his mind telepathically from Kara so even she couldn’t tell what his intentions were. The 7 decided to take the risk, and Phaedra said she’d stay behind in order to guard Tei. June also stayed with her.

It was, of course, a trap. Atlas led them straight into the paths of the Blood Knights, who demonstrated their Evolved Forms leaving John the only one able to hold his own. While they were away, Gideon was tasked with retrieving Tei and the Shards, and he took Konrad with him. They found Tei and the others at Maybelle’s house, and when they arrived June knocked out her mother and hid her to keep her safe. Phaedra did her best to protect her princess, but was killed when Konrad activated his Evolved Form.

The group managed to hold out in their battle with the Blood Knights. Fortunately their battle was interrupted by the arrival of 20 Captains and Lieutenants from SENTINEL. Using his Burning Warp power, John teleported the 7 and Atlas out of there to a nearby location, leaving Scarlet and Cuffs behind. In the aftermath the group noted how it was like they were expected there and concluded that they were betrayed. Bellona immediately attacked Atlas, reasoning that had it been any of the rest of them Kara would have picked up their thoughts with her Burning Sense. Of the people she didn’t know, Phaedra was a superhuman from Soohn and lacked psychic powers, as did the SENTINELs. Atlas, as a Jehdan, was the only one with sufficient power to block Kara from doing so besides Tei herself. She tortured Atlas until he revealed that he sold out Tei in order to secure his own safety, and that by now Gideon had probably found them. With that Bellona killed him and the rest returned to where they were hiding her.

Meanwhile, Gideon and Konrad interrupted by the arrival of the entire SENTINEL 1st Legion lead by none other than Commander Solo himself. Upon seeing Solo, Gideon told Konrad they were going to withdraw. Tei and June were taken into SENTINEL Custody. Out of sight Maybelle watched as they were taken away.

In the aftermath of the fight Maybelle found John and told him that a group of aliens in blue armor had taken Tei and June. John promised Maybelle that nothing would happen to June and the 7 set off to rescue their friends.

Aboard the SENTINEL flagship, Tei and June were brought before Solo. Tei again tried to barter the 7’s amnesty with Commander Solo by turning over the Bloodstone Shards to the All Union. Solo refused her offer though, saying that the Watchers had called an Extermination Order on Earth and the Horde, and that he only went to Earth to get her as a favor to her dead father. For this reason he had brought 11 Legions to the planet in order to completely destroy it and everything there, including Drake’s forces.

Aboard the Antioch, Drake was furious with Gideon for letting Tei and the Bloodstone shards slip through his hands. However, the Phantom Lilith reminded him that now they knew exactly where she and the shards were. She told him to attack the SENTINEL Fleet, and to get not only the Shards but Tei as well. When he asked her why, she told him that she would need a body to enter this universe. With this, Drake ordered the Horde’s forces to attack the SENTINEL flagship looking to take Tei as the sacrifice for his goddess and secure the Bloodstone shards for himself.

Meanwhile, the 7 who were now aware that SENTINEL had taken Tei and June, tried to sneak onboard the flagship in order to rescue them. As they did the Horde attacked.

Unaware that John and the others are trying to rescue them, Tei and June tried to make it to a shuttle to flee back to the planet while everyone was distracted with the battle. Unfortunately, they were found by Drake himself. June and Tei split up, but when Drake caught up with Tei he discovered that she no longer had the Bloodstone shards. He cast her aside and went off to find June. He toyed with her for a while before using his terror powers to render her unconscious. Phantom Lilith told Drake to bring her, as she would also make a good body for her.

With June and the Shards in their possession, Drake ordered the Horde to withdraw. John found Tei after she came to he asked her what happened, and she told him that June got captured in her place. Solo, who was also present, ordered all available SENTINEL Forces to attack the Horde with everything they had. The battle was joined. As he turned to leave John threatened him, saying that if anything happened to June because of SENTINEL’s carelessness he would take it out on them. Solo ignores him. He sent an alert to the SENTINEL Fleet to begin the Extermination Order, he wanted the Horde completely destroyed.

It was then that Adam reappears. He asked if he came at a bad time, and John asked him what he wanted. At this he opened a portal out of which walked Cain, Torm, and Talena. After two weeks of training Cain returned to Earth with the twins, both of whom projected much more powerful auras than they had before. When asked if he had been successful, Cain said they should prove to be more useful than they were.

Tired of being on the defensive, John decided that since Drake had the Bloodstone shards and was holding his wife hostage they had nothing to lose by turning around and taking the fight to them. Despite the force brought to carry out the Extermination Order, it became clear that SENTINEL was outclassed by the Horde and the Fleet was not faring well. Using his Burning Warp skill, John teleported the 7 over to a damaged Ship of the Line from the ROCCO II. He ordered the SENTINELs onboard to abandon ship, but they refused until Cain intimidated them off. It was then that John revealed that he intended to use the SOTL to smash through the Antioch’s shields by crashing through them. Bruno called him a maniac.

The plan worked, and the 7 managed to smash into the Antioch. At lightning speed they slaughtered their way through the Horde forces in their way. While SENTINEL lay in disarray at the feet of the Blood Knights, it was then that the Magnificent 7 arrived. They made their way to where Scarlet, Cuffs, and other SENTINELs were being blocked by the Blood Knights and finally faced off with them.

As Tei and Talena broke off to try to find the Bloodstone shards, each of the 7 engaged the Blood Knights, though Torm took over John’s fight so that he could pursue Drake. The fights broke down as such:

Kara – Lobo: During the fight she punched through his power sword and smashed his face. In response he activated his wolf-like Evolved Form, and after a terrifying battle Kara killed him by beheading him with his own Power Sword. As with most of her other fights she lost most of her clothing.

Thuro – Orlok (Orlok is based off of Thuro’s original model) Orlok and Thuro fought evenly, even after Orlok activated his spider-like Evolved Form and Thuro slipped into his True Form. After a frantic fight, Thuro kicked his head off.

Hefe – Chaney (bad blood from the SENTINEL days? Maybe): Chaney found and engaged Tei and Talena. Because of her inexperience with her Oversaran form, Talena was defeated by him and he turned his attention to Tei. Before he could do anything to her, she was saved by Hefe. Chaney activated his wolf-like Evolved Form almost right away and spent the fight toying with Hefe. Hefe later “disarmed” him and then cut him in half down the middle.

Bruno – Raven (he was uncomfortable that he had to fight a transvestite): Raven drew the fight out both because he found Bruno to be attractive and also because he didn’t want to use his Evolved Form because he thought it made him ugly. When it became clear he was no match for Bruno without using it he activates the form in order to quickly win the fight, transforming into a giant rampaging ape monster. However, Bruno managed to out endure him and pulled his jaw off to keep him from saying such creepy things. He finally killed Raven by driving a pipe through his heart.

Bellona – Carmilla (two seductresses) Carmilla used her Evolved Form powers to poison Bellona and suck out her blood. However, Bellona managed to turn the poison around on Carmilla and ended up reducing her to a husk.

Torm – Konrad (got into a fight with Konrad before losing to Drake): John was delayed by Konrad before Torm took over the fight so John could chase after Drake and rescue June. Konrad did not take Torm seriously as an opponent until Torm became an Oversaran. He used his Deadface powers to match him, but he could not stand up to Torm’s berserker state and was torn apart.

Cain – Gideon: Cain was actively looking to fight Gideon since had interfered with Cain’s fight with Drake. Gideon used his Evolved Form powers, which despite Drake’s attempts to give him a mutated form his Evolved Form is the total Vampire like Drake himself. While initially unable to get past Gideon’s defense, Cain realized that the shield could be overcome with high speed attacks or simply be broken through with incredibly forceful strikes. Using his superior speed Cain got inside Gideon’s Venom Aura, but with his shield compromised Gideon went on the offensive and actually managed to gain the advantage over Cain. Cain then used his Shell’s Deathstare power to project a fake Cain into Gideon’s mind. The Illusion Cain melted away and Gideon realized that what he’d been fighting wasn’t real. The real Cain used the distraction to blow off Gideon’s legs with the Dark Strike. When he tried to counter attack Cain shot off his arms. He taunted Gideon to regenerate his body as he had seen Drake do and come back and fight, but when he saw the terror in Gideon’s eyes he couldn’t hide his disappointment. He then mocked Gideon, saying that while he pretended to be a true monster like Drake and Cain himself, he was really just a poser and a coward. Turning his back and leaving, he created a Dark Bomb and left it with the limbless Gideon which exploded, obliterating him.

Elsewhere Drake led John through the Antioch threatening to kill June. Afraid of the power John was demonstrating, Drake dropped June from a great height. John rushed to save her and Drake used the opportunity to get away and retrieve the Bloodstone Shards. Meanwhile, Cain used his Dark Force Attack to blow a hole in the Antioch and send it crashing to the Earth.

As the wreckage of the Antioch crashed into the American Midwest, the survivors crawled from the rubble. Drake first found himself face to face with Solo, who was ready to punish him for all the trouble he has caused. Solo ordered his Lieutenant, Greshka, to round up survivors and get them away from the battle scene. Free of distractions, Solo and Drake engaged in battle. Drake lashed out with his power, but Solo proved to be more powerful than expected. In order to prepare him for the fight with an enemy of Drake's power, the Watchers trained Solo in a forbidden technique called Overclocking which temporarily gave him SS-Class power.  In this state Solo proved to be a match for Drake, but the vampire managed to use familiars to keep from being defeated. Despite this Solo held the upper hand till he pushed the technique too far and wore out his body and he was unable to deliver a final blow.  Drake had the SENTINEL Captain at his mercy, but before he could finish him off he sensed the power of multiple Oversarans moving towards him and he went on to trying to find the Bloodstone shards.


John vs. Drake

Near the reactor, Drake found Torm and the two fight. However, Drake was far stronger and more proficient in using his power and Torm was beaten. Tracking Torm’s aura, Cain arrived and gained the upper hand until Drake took the Bloodstone shards in order to gain a massive power-up. He defeated Cain, and it was then that John arrived. He and John seemed evenly matched, though Drake’s necromantic powers allowed him to instantly recover from any wound he received. When John questioned how a vampire could exist in sunlight, and Drake mocked him saying his Evolved Form was so powerful that even direct sunlight didn’t damage him and that it would take direct contact with the sun itself to damage him. This gave John an idea as the Burning Flame he could summon was identical to the atomic power of the sun, and his most powerful attack, the Burning Sphere, involved creating a miniature sun to throw at the opponent. Realizing that John’s Burning Flame powers were a danger to him, Drake attempted to follow through with his mission and open up a portal to Hell for Lilith to get through. He did this, and Kara got caught in it briefly until she was saved by Torm. Nothing appeared to happen and Drake became dejected that his goddess had forsaken him. With the Vampire distracted, John launched his Burning Sphere attack at Drake and destroyed him, thereby ending the threat of the Horde for good.

It was revealed in the aftermath that Earth was now included into the universal community, and that SENTINEL took credit for the defeat of Drake and the Horde. In return the Watchers pardoned the Magnificent 7. In a move that surprised his brother and sister, Torm decided that he needed to grow stronger and joined SENTINEL. Talena decided to return to the Jehdan Imperium with Tei as it was the only home she’d ever known, and Face was reinstated in SENTINEL.

12011 A.C. Lord Gold ThroneroomEdit

Van Maximo tricks the Magnificent 7 into rescuing his daughter from a hated rival.

12012 A.C. Robot Hive ExodusEdit

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22544"> </p>

<p class="MsoNormal">It begins with the Robot Hive escaping from the singularity that the Watchers had imprisoned them in.  The 90th Legion which had been tasked with guarding it is destroyed.  The Robot Hive is lead by the villainous Zero who wants to reclaim their MacGuffin so they can exact revenge on the organic life in the Universe.  The Watchers become aware that the Hive took advantage of their weakness in the wake of Drake's chaos to escape and order the 56th Legion called the Doomsday Legion to be mobilized to destroy them.</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Meanwhile, on a far away planet the Magnificent 7 have stopped to stretch their legs and resupply.  While there, John becomes interested in a tournament being held by the planet's King where the prize is a mysterious thing.  John talks several other members of the Magnificent 7 into competing, and they proceed to dominate their opponents.  The fight predictably boils down to John vs. Cain, but before the two can get started fighting the Robot Hive attacks.  It turns out that the tournament prize is actually the Macguffin the Hive is after and they have come to claim it.  The 7 easily fight off the Hive's drones, requiring Zero himself to come down to fight.  He manages to take on John and Cain at once, defeating them and reclaiming the macguffin.  </p> <p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22546">The 7 decide to chase after the Machines, but find themselves a step behind as the Machines carpet bomb a number of planets or set off doomsday devices or whatever.  They finally manage to catch up and John and Cain once again engage Zero while the other 7 infiltrate the Machine ship in order to blow it up.  There they run into Matrix, who Zero uses to control his forces.  Hefe is attacked by Lt. Dierdre of the 56th Legion, and realizes to his horror that if she’s there then that means Amra, the most powerful and feared Captain in the SENTINEL Order, is also there.  Planet side Amra interrupts the fight between Zero and the Oversarans.  While Zero is overwhelmed, the 3 of them get in eachother’s way and he’s able to make his escape. </p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22547">Amra orders the 7 held for questioning, at which point John gets in his face about how they’d been pardoned by the Watchers themselves.  Amra ignores him, but instead of questioning them he feeds them intel about the Machines, explaining their origin.  Zero was a robot made by a mad scientist for the purpose of bringing order to his planet.  Zero succeeded, but ended up deciding that organics were the source of all chaotic behavior and decided that the only solution was to wipe them out.  In an attempt to bring order to the rest of the Universe he ranged out from the planet of his creation and began attacking neighboring planets.  This brought him to the attention of the Watchers who mobilized SENTINEL against him.  He proved to be exponentially stronger than expected, and after the Order incurred heavy losses the Watchers moved against him.  They managed to divide his attention between commanding his drones and fighting them and were able to defeat him sealing him away.  During the battle with Drake the Watchers became distracted trying to deal with him and Zero managed to take advantage of the chaos to free himself. </p>

<p class="yiv7364148001MsoNormal" id="yui_3_7_2_1_1379625381630_22548">After this Amra lets the 7 go, and they manage to track the robots to the final battlefield.  John and Cain confront Zero again, now having managed to evolve past his power.  With him on the ropes victory seems assured, but then Matrix arrives and declaring Zero obsolete tears out his power source and destroys him.  She inserts it into herself and upgrades, and then tells the 7 that she will finish what Zero began.  She proves to be FAR stronger than Zero, and the John and Cain are trounced by her.  It’s then that Amra shows up again and manages to provide them with an opening, giving John and Cain a chance to destroy her for good.</p>

12013 A.C. The Return of SatanEdit

5 years after the defeat of Drake and the Horde, the Magnificent 7 hadn’t abandoned their wandering ways. However, a special occasion found the group relaxing on Earth, holding a party at June’s mother’s house celebrating the birth of John and June’s daughter, Rosanne Nash. All were in attendance except for Cain, who was in space, running down rumors of other saran survivors of Kazan’s destruction. At the party, Kara missed his presence and also lamented to June how jealous she was of June’s baby. She and Cain had tried, but had been unsuccessful though she knew both were fertile. Unbeknownst to her, the Vampire Goddess Lilith, who had infected Kara 5 years earlier when she got stuck in the Hellgate opened by Drake, had been building up enough power to take control of her. As if on cue Lilith managed to manifest within Kara’s body. She used Kara’s Bloodstone Shard in order to bypass the Barrier between the Planes. She summoned her three archdevil Lieutenants to Midgard: Beelzebub, Sin, and Abaddon and ordered them to find and recover the other Bloodstone Shards.

The group was completely baffled about what had just happened and tried to make sense of it. John went to the Rocco II to call Cain and summon him back to Earth, but while he was on the ship’s bridge he was suddenly confronted by Adam. The Guardian apologized admitting that he’d missed Lilith infecting Kara, and thought that when Drake was destroyed that would be the end of it. He explained who and what the demons and devils were, about the Age of Devils which predated the Gods, Lilith and who she was, and that the sarans themselves were a race of demons who had evolved in Midgard. He also told him to be wary of Cain, as despite their long friendship, Cain’s heart was still pure darkness and without Kara to keep that in check he could become dangerous.

Cain, who had felt Kara’s plight through their Bond, immediately returned to Earth to come to her rescue. Against the advice of Thuro to wait until John is back and all 7 are together again he went off following Kara’s Aura. He confronted the demon Beelzebub, and the group noted that the Auras of the Devils were eerily similar to those of sarans. When Cain shifted into his Oversaran form, Beelzebub recognized him as an upper level Devil. The furious Cain ignored all this and effortlessly killed Beelzebub, much to the chagrin of the others who could no longer question him.

This brought him to the attention of Lilith, who appeared to Cain afterwards. She demonstrated that she was possessing Kara’s body, but told Cain that if he would help her not only would Kara be safely returned to him, but he would also be granted more power. Without hesitation Cain agreed to serve her. With this Lilith bit him, at once putting him under her control and releasing his hidden power. Nearby, Thuro stumbled upon the scene in time to see Cain being bitten and teleporting away with Lilith/Kara.

Thuro returned to the others and told them what he had seen. Reflecting on his earlier conversation with Adam, John realized what Cain had done and that he could no longer be counted as an ally. It also meant that now the demons knew that each of them had a Bloodstone shard and would be coming after them.

With Cain on their side, the demons moved against the 7 to claim their Bloodstone shards. Abaddon fought and defeated Bellona and Hefe and took theirs. Cain dealt with Thuro, who he regarded as the most dangerous one, himself. Thuro managed to capitalize on Cain’s pride and convinced him not to use his Oversaran form, thinking it would give him an advantage. The two fought a quick but intense battle, which Cain narrowly won by making use of his Shroud’s Deathstare ability. Afterwards Thuro tried to reach his friend, telling him he was being controlled. It was then that Cain revealed he was under no such control, but was going along with Lilith till he could guarantee Kara’s safety. As long as Kara was in danger, the others should consider him an enemy.

Meanwhile, Sin managed to seduce and defeat Bruno, but her attempts to do so with John were thwarted and he killed her. Enraged at Sin’s death, Abaddon appeared and swore revenge against John. Ignoring Cain’s previous warnings about how strong John is, Abaddon attacked him. John placed Abaddon’s level as about that of Drake, which infuriated the devil at being compared with “half breed trash” like a vampire. Unfortunately for Abaddon, John’s power had pulled well past that of Drake, and Abaddon was unable to seize the advantage against him. It was then that Cain arrived and told Abaddon to step aside.

Meanwhile, Torm, now Lt. Torm of SENTINEL’s 10th Legion, arrived on the planet to help the Magnificent 7.

Cain took Abaddon’s place against John. The two eyed eachother for a long while, as they hadn’t fought since their draw on Kazan 10 years earlier. The other 7 stood aside, not daring to draw close. As the battle began, Cain surprisingly quickly took the upper hand. Even after regaining his composure John was helpless against Cain. Abaddon revealed that Lilith had unlocked Cain’s hidden power, and that now John didn’t stand a chance. Cain managed to knock John out and takes his shard. Despite the apparent ease with which he had achieved victory, the other 7 noted that Cain appeared worn out and that his aura seemed unstable.

It was then that Torm arrived. Seeing that his brother had gone evil, Torm activated his Oversaran form and attacked him. Despite his own increase in power and newfound control over his Oversaran form, he was no match for his older brother and impaled with his own Power Sword. His life was saved by Lt. Deirdre from SENTINEL’s 23rd Legion, but she too was powerless to stand up to Cain. It was only when Ernie Hammer arrived did Cain finally break off the fight and withdraw. Ernie admitted though that if Cain had decided to fight, Ernie was not strong enough to stop him.

With John’s Bloodstone shard in hand, Lilith was able to complete the Bloodstone. Cain chose that moment to make his move and inside Kara’s mind he was able to stir her awake and reinforce her to be able to expel Lilith out of her. The weakened Lilith was rescued by Abaddon, and she taunted Cain that it was a valiant effort but too late. She revealed her intention to use the Bloodstone to free Satan from his prison in Hell, and together they’d conquer the Universe. She drew Shiva out of the Bloodstone and ordered her to open up a portal to Hell for them. Cain’s attempts to stop them were casually blown aside by her.

As Cain came to, he saw Adam standing before the portal. He asked Adam who Satan was and what exactly they were trying to do. Adam explained that Satan was once a Celestial like him, but in his Pride fell and took on a mortal form. He was a living embodiment of hate and evil, and if he was freed the entire Universe is done for. Before the portal closed Cain made up his mind to follow them to Hell in order to take care of them before they could free Satan. Kara awakened and tried to stop Cain, but he told her that all this was happening because of his selfishness at not wanting to lose Kara, and that he’d take care of it himself. Adam went on to warn him that on the other side of the portal were the Gates of Hell which were kept by two beings of incredible power, but by then Cain had entered the portal to Hell and disappeared. Finding himself at the Gates, he quickly decapitated the first Guardian with a punch and blasted away the second, afterwards forcing the gate open on his own. At the close of the volume, Lilith, Abaddon and Shiva came upon Satan frozen in a block of ice.

Cain followed Lilith to Hell, but got lost. He met the Guardian of Hell, a tall, striking woman called Hela. She took an instant shine to Cain explaining to him the Infernal Realm, though he was only interested in finding Lilith so he could take his revenge. Hela told him she had gone to Icy River Cocytus to find Satan. In order to show him the way there, she summoned a spirit named Virgil and told him to escort him to where Satan was.


Satan unleashed.

Meanwhile, Lilith used Shiva to release Satan from his icy prison.
Satan stretched out and wondered why he was free of his prison. Lilith then presented herself and said that she used the Bloodstone to free him so that he could help her conquer the Universe and restore the Age of Demons. Satan mocked Lilith when she told him he should be grateful to her, telling her that he could have escaped from Cocytus any time he wanted. He said he stayed there because there was no one challenging anymore, but asked if they’d found anyone who might be worth his time.

Back in Midgard, Kara desperately searched for a way into Hell to recover Cain.

John and the others did something.

Cain appeared. He told Satan that he only came to kill Lilith and Abaddon and once again break the Bloodstone, but now that he’s awake he may as well fight him as well. From the get go the fluctuations in Cain’s power became worse, but he held on. The two fought and seemed roughly even until Satan decided to start fighting seriously. He easily defeated Cain, but before his was able to kill him Virgil interfered. Virgil managed to quickly stun Satan, and in the confusion he escaped with the wounded Cain. A furious Satan killed Abaddon and seemingly Lilith in frustration, taking the Bloodstone from her and swallowing it. He revealed that he was the original source of Shiva’s power, and now that his Celestial essence was returned to him he’d follow through on his plan to conquer the Universe and remake it in his own image.

Satan opened up a portal to Hell on Earth and began using it as a vantage point from which to suck the entire Midplane into the Underplane. He emerged on Earth and erected a barrier around the planet so he can begin changing it unimpeded and he was confronted the members of the Magnificent 7. At first he praised them, saying how impressed he was that there were so many strong opponents in the current age. Despite his praise however, the 7 were powerless against Satan at the height of his Bloodstone charged power. John made a valiant stand against him while the others escaped the danger zone aboard the Rocco II, but was just as helpless as Cain was despite Satan jokingly giving him a fighting chance. He was beaten half to death in the fight, and it was only thanks to his Burning Warp ability that John was able to escape aboard the Rocco II before passing out. Thinking quickly, June placed him in a rejuvenation tank in the ship’s sick bay to save his life.

Satan Genocide

The Destruction of Rya

With the 7 seemingly dispatched, Satan made his way into the Midplane and went on a rampage. Sensing the most powerful concentrations of fighters, he would go there and slaughter anyone he found. He ended up on Akeron, where the Ogres were attempting to reclaim control of the shattered Holy Order and he destroyed their fleet. He appeared on Epic where he soundly thrashed the heroes of that planet, causing wholesale carnage and murdering the vast majority of the superhero team, the Crusaders before getting bored and moving on. He then went to Rya where he destroyed the fortress planet, seemingly wiping out the Watchers and the Order's power base. Countless worlds feel victim to him as he gleefully cut a swath through the inhabited universe.

As demons began overrunning Earth, the survivng SENTINEL Legions appeared and helped out the Magnificent 7. Despite initial concerns that they wouldn’t be able to get through Satan’s barrier, it turned out that Ernie had already arranged to break it down in order to let them through. Solo had predicted something like this might happen, and upon finding out Ernie was on Earth asked him to begin preparing doorways through which SENTINEL could make it to Earth. Thanks to his expertise with wormhole science, he managed to open up holes in Satan’s barrier to allow the SENTINEL Officers through.

When asked how he could still be alive, he explained that when Satan attacked Rya, the Watchers initiated emergency protocols that teleported the Central Chamber and everything in it to another location, saving themselves and the majority of the Order from dying with their planet. He also told the Magnificent 7 that he had figured out how he can get them to Hell in order to take the fight to Satan. John was initially worried that SENTINEL intended to get in the way, but Solo assured him that they understood that everything rested on the Magnificent 7. SENTINEL was present only to contain the spread of Hell into Midgard.

Cain came to and found himself in a crumbling Hall with Virgil. Virgil remarked on the incredible recuperative powers of the sarans, and asked him about the organism attached to him. As Cain rose to his feet to go confront Satan again, he was taken aback by the striking familiarity with where he was. Virgil told him that they were in the Burning Circle of Hell, which was the home to the Old One Sara and his tribe, the sarans. He explained to Cain his people’s origins when a portal to Hell opened on ancient Kazan and how Sara and his tribe had poured through it to conquer the planet. The demons bred with the tribes they conquered so all sarans who evolved on Kazan were the descendants of the Sara and his demonic Clan. As the portal closed Sara and his brood faded back into Hell. Looking at the tapestry of Sara and his children, Cain focused on the hammer wielding Sora and recognized many attributes of the Sarada Clan in him, and he mused that he might be looking at his ancestor.

As Cain mused on his people’s origins, Virgil stunned him. Cain awakened to find himself in a bizarre landscape. Confused about the sudden change in scenery, Cain suddenly found himself face to face with a reverse version of himself that proudly proclaimed it was going to seize control. Cain engaged in battle with his doppelganger and found himself at a disadvantage. He finally recognized his opponent as a manifestation of his own Oversaran power and the darker version that came with the power. Cain questioned why he was fighting him again as Cain had already managed to subdue his inner beast when he first mastered his Oversaran form while training with Rahan. The doppelganger said that Cain was weaker now, and that he was strong enough to seize total control. Finally understanding what he was fighting, Cain allowed his doppelganger to “kill” him and then subsumed him from the inside. With this the illusion fell apart.

As Cain’s eyes flutter open, he came to and realized the entire ordeal was in his mind. Virgil congratulated him on being able to face his demons and pass the test, and that he was now ready to go to face Satan. Virgil explained that when Lilith had unlocked Cain’s full power, she had caused an imbalance in his spirit which allowed his inner beast to assert itself. Virgil had used his powers of illusion to bring out the beast and give the Dark Prince the chance to gain control of it again. Now having done that, Cain’s Oversaran power was stabilized and he could go on to stand a better chance against Satan. Cain as a test Cain activated his Oversaran form and “thanked” his benefactor by hurling him into the boiling river of blood, Phlegethon.

Elsewhere, John was thrown into a rage when he saw what Ernie and the SENTINELs had done to his ship, as it was covered in Arcana symbols which would allow it to make the trip across dimensions. When they arrived in Hell they were met by Hela, Adam’s counterpart in the Underplane. Hela told the group that Adam had filled her in about what was happening and she had pledged to help them as much as she was able. When the others asked what had become of Cain, Hela told them that he was with her champion right now recovering. Kara asked where Cain was so that she could go to him and was shown the way by Hela. Meanwhile the others decided to travel deeper into Hell where Satan awaited them.


Kara prepares to avenge herself on Lilith.

Kara descended deeper into Hell, following her Bond with Cain in order to home in on his location. During the course of her travels she was confronted by Lilith, who had managed to survive Satan’s attempt to kill her. She decided that she’d rebuild her army using Kara and Cain, and attempted to fight Kara and regain possession of her. As Cain headed to where he could sense Satan was, Hela appeared before him. She expressed disappointment that he had killed her champion, but Cain ignored her and asked what she was there for. She told him that his friends had arrived in Hell in order to bring the fight to Satan. In particular she told him that Kara went looking for him, and was at the moment caught up in a fight with Lilith. Alarmed, Cain immediately head off in her direction. Even wounded, the God proved to be a formidable opponent and Kara found herself on her heels against Lilith. As Lilith sank her teeth into Kara’s neck she attempted to once again gain control of her. Kara initially resisted, but decided to allow Lilith to unlock her true power as she had done for Cain. Thinking she had won, Lilith disengaged, but Kara, who had already exorcized Lilith from her once before found herself immune to Lilith’s powers of control. Using her boosted powers, she renewed her fight, this time slaying Lilith and gaining revenge for being used earlier. However, the effort proved to be too much for her and she passed out. She was woken up shortly afterwards by Cain, who was impressed that she managed to kill a god herself, and asked her if she was ready to take the fight to Satan with the others.

The final showdown with Satan had finally begun. Initially only John was able to fight Satan on a seemingly even footing, as the battle was so tempestuous that the others couldn’t even get close. However, it soon became clear that John was losing energy while Satan just kept getting stronger and stronger. It was then that Cain and Kara arrived, and Cain shifted into his Oversaran form to help John.

John Thuro Cain Vs Satan

John, Cain, and Thuro face off against Satan in the ruins of Pandemonium.

A joint attack by John and Cain succeeded in getting Satan to spit out the Bloodstone, after which he opened a portal and attempted to flee to Pandemonium, the long abandoned capital of Hell. The 7 gave chase, but only John, Cain and Thuro made it through before it closed. John and Cain arrived first, with Thuro saving them with a well placed kick to Satan's back. Now that he was stripped of his Celestial level power they stood a chance against him. Despite discovering that the magical forces in Hell were especially potent, Thuro realized he was still no match for Satan. Instead, John and Cain would attack Satan simultaneously while Thuro would hang back and provide support. Casting spells on the two Oversarans to increase their speed and strength, the three managed to seemingly equal Satan.

Elsewhere, Kara picked up the regurgitated Bloodstone with the intention of using it to follow the others. However, upon touching it her psychic senses were overwhelmed by Shiva's cries from within. Through sheer willpower, she managed to hear Shiva's cries for help from within the murderous anger of Lucifer's essence. She remembered Adam and Hela telling him that originally Shiva was a good god, known for her mercy and wisdom, and that it was only after absorbing Satan’s essence that she became insane and destructive. Kara reasoned that Shiva probably wanted to be rid of the power and it was then that she concocted a plan to finally defeat Satan. Kara managed to appeal to Hela to take them to where John and the others were fighting. Upon arriving, they saw that Satan managed to maintain the advantage even without the Bloodstone’s power. Kara told John they should try to convert the energy possessing Shiva from evil to good.

Satan taunted the 7 to try to use the Bloodstone against him, confident that he couldn’t be harmed by his own power. However, John realized that it wasn’t truly his power anymore, it was Shiva’s. Satan mocked him saying that the power was just going to burn him away, but one by one he was helped by his friends and together the 7 managed to purify the Bloodstone. They focused its energy at Satan and destroyed him in one powerful attack. As this happened they all had a vision of a now free Shiva thanking them for freeing her from her prison and allowing her to move on.

As the group breathed a sigh of relief John was suddenly pulled into the crater by a hand. It seemed Satan had some life left in him and was trying to take John with him. Full of rage, John summoned the last of his energy and shot a Burning Gun at point blank range, completely destroying Satan once and for all. With that, the 7 left Hell. As they crossed the dimensional threshold they suddenly found themselves in the palm of a giant being smiling down at them. The sarans saw a giant saran with shaggy hair and one eye, Thuro and Bellona saw a giant Satzian dressed in brightly colored clothes. The humans saw a man in flowing robes with a bushy white beard (Bruno asked why he’s seeing Santa). All saw Dashora sitting on the being’s shoulder giving them a proud salute. With that, the 7 found themselves back on the bridge of the Rocco II exiting the portal back to Midgard, into the joyous adulation of the gathered forces there to wish them home.

Looking on, the angels Loki and Hela discuss the defeat of Satan. Hela wonders if it’s really alright to celebrate as Satan was not the only embodiment of Lucifer, or even the most powerful one. Loki merely tells her that he was the one who was a crisis for the Universe at that time, and that if another one pops up it’ll be for another time and another place. He also regularly stated that the Magnificent 7 were not the most powerful people in the Universe by any stretch, but that they were the right people in the right place at the right time to handle that crisis. He muses that while he was aware that some of the 7 would emerge he’d initially intended to use either some SENTINELs or maybe even a group of superheroes from the planet Epic, but that when the 7 came together he realized that they had the perfect combinations to see the crisis through to the end.


10 years after the defeat of Satan, the 7 have since gone their separate ways but decided to keep in touch. They reunited at June’s house with their families. After John Jr., John and June had a daughter named Roseanna. Cain and Kara made a home for themselves in the wilderness and had their own children, their first born Sho (who is best friends with John Jr., and also doesn’t like his father much while he adores his mother), twins Saimon and Amira, and their youngest son Matorai. Shortly after the victory, Hefe married Helen Hammer, his long time girlfriend. Bruno also settled down with a woman 10 years younger than him. Bellona had maintained her adventuring lifestyle. Thuro revealed that he had been masquerading as a human and been elected President of Earth. Torm, now Captain Torm of SENTINEL’s 10th Legion, also attended with his wife, Lt. Deirdre, who had transferred to the Legion from the 23rd to be with her husband. Talena also showed up, having decided to stay in the Jehdan Imperium and married to a Jehdan Noble. While they’re all happy of the relative peace over the last 10 years, most are also extremely bored.