291 lbs






Drinking, Fighting, Singing


Complicated problems


Sara (Father), Sin (Mother), Denna (Sister), Shita (Adopted Brother), Kai (Brother), Sano (Brother), Tara (Sister), Hiko (Brother)

Sora is the first born son of the Burning King, Sara, and a Prince of Inferno. For most of his life he believed that his mother was Sara's wife, Naome, but he learned later that his true mother was the succubus, Sin. Sora was born with power on an order beyond his half siblings, and of Sara's children with Naome only Kai could be said to match him. Sora became the champion of the Saran Clan, and often went on long journeys to test his skill. He became a sworn enemy of Moloch, Demon Lord of Moab, father of the Oni race. He would also occasionally lock horns with his adopted brother Shita, whose sense of inferiority lead him to conspire against his brother and adopted Clan many times.

Sora's mate was a daughter of Sara and Naome called Tara. In her youth, Tara had a crush on Sora, which he thought was cute. Upon his return from one long campaign, Tara had come of age and grown into a real beauty. However, by then she had also outgrown her crush on Sora, turning the tables on him. Over time the two came together and made a happy couple. On one occasion, Shita disguised himself as Sora and seduced Tara, which drove a wedge between the brothers for a very long time.

Sora's prized possession was his powerful weapon, the Black Hammer. When he came of age, he inherited the weapon, a powerful weapon forged for Sara by the weaponsmith Abra, who created the weapon from the Power of Darkness. Upon recognizing Sora as its true master, the Hammer's true power was thereafter inaccessible to everyone else. When thrown the hammer would always return to Sora's hand, and when separated from his person it would always return when called. The Black Hammer's true power is that it gives its user the ability to channel and use the power of Darkness, one of the most powerful forces in the Universe which completely obliterates its targets.