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The Sleen are a race of reptilian humanoids with a highly regimented society of rigid castes.  They are one of the great intergalactic powers, having spread throughout the Universe and having a large population and advanced society.  While not as numerous as humans or elves, they are common throughout space.


Despite being humanoid in shape, they have little in common with races like humans or elves.  Compared to them, the Sleen are much hardier, being on average 3 times stronger than either.  They are covered in hard scales which vary in color, but are usually green or brown.  The tops of their heads are bony plates with spiky ridges sticking out of them.

Sleen do not give birth to live young, instead giving birth to a clutch of eggs that will be incubated for a period before they hatch.  Usually a female will give birth to between 3-5 eggs, but it is unusual for all of them to hatch.


Apart from their hardy physiology, the Sleen possess no inherent powers.  Like other races they are capable of developing their Aura, but even the strongest of them rarely rates above D-Class on the SENTINEL Power Scale.


The Sleen are an extremely proud and serious people, occasionally likened to Ogres in their austere stoicism.  They have extremely reserved personalities and place a great emphasis on duty to the state.  They rarely show a great deal of emotion other than annoyance, though to careful observers they possess a dry sense of humor.  To other races, they are regarded as grumpy.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Sleen live in a harsh society of castes. The highest ranked Sleen is the Empress, who enjoys a significantly longer life than normal Sleen.  Below her is a Senate made up of seasoned veterans of the warrior class.


Like many other races throughout the Universe, the Sleen were worshippers of the Holy Dragons.  Even though it has been 10000 years since the Cataclysm, the various cults dedicated to them are still strong.