Red Cola
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The Red Cola Company

Country of Origin

United States


May 24, 1886

Red Cola is a carbonated soft drink from Earth which is profoundly popular.

After the battle with Drake and Earth's forced inclusion into the greater Universal community, Red Cola has enjoyed a significantly wider base of consumers.  Despite this, corporate headquarters has remained on Earth.

Red Cola's nearest competitor is a soft drink producer known as Blue Cola.  Blue Cola generally bases their advertisements around how hip and edgy they are to Red Cola, which they portray as being for old people.  Public reaction to Blue Cola's advertizing campaign is usually negative though, as it's often pointed out that while they will show how great their product is in relation to Red Cola, Red Cola's advertisements only ever talk about itself.  The phrase, "dude, don't be the Blue Cola of xxxxx" is something said to people when they should stop worrying about what others are doing and concentrate on themselves.


Red Cola Classic

The original recipe, it is known for its sweet taste and fizzy consistency.  It has a dark color due to caramel in its ingredients.

Diet Red

Diet Red is a recipe designed to have less calories than regular Red Cola for those who wish to enjoy the soda while watching their figure.  Despite promotions that it tastes similar to the original, the nutrasweet taste turns many off.

Vanilla Red

Similar to Red Classic but with a distinct vanilla taste.

Cherry Red

Similar to Red Classic but with a distinct taste of cherries.

Dr. Red

A version of Red Cola with a more distinctive bite.  Its secret ingredient is prunes.


- John Nash, leader of the Magnificent 7, is an avid drinker of Red Cola to the point that he's been accused of having an addiction to it.  He programmed the synthesizers aboard the Rocco II to be able to produce it and since its spread through the Universe is overjoyed that he can now find it most places he goes and can once again enjoy it with any meal.