Jaxx Barro 02
Jaxx Barro, a Purran Outlaw







The Purrans are a race of cat-like humanoids that exist spread throughout the Northern and parts of the Western Galaxies.


The Purrans were created by the Gods as one of their early experiments on the human race, splicing their genes with feline DNA.  Because of their feline attributes, they have much in common with another race of feline humanoids, the sarans.  However, whereas the animal that was the base of the sarans was similar to a lion, the one that spawned the Purrans was akin to the house cat on Earth. As such, they have pronounced canines, ears on top of their heads, and long, prehensile tails. Their eyes are very sharp and narrow to slits when they focus.


In addition to their feline senses and reflexes that operate on levels far beyond those of normal humans, Purrans are an Aura Sensitive race, but few develop it further than D-Class on the SENTINEL Scale.


In general, Purrans are a rather laid back race that generally harbors no great ambition toward conquering others. However, negative stereotypes of Purrans regard them as lazy, hedonistic and devious.

Culture and SocietyEdit

Purrans are a widespread race and generally assimilate into whatever culture they come in contact with. However, on their homeworld and the surrounding worlds, most of them are under the control of certain noble houses.

At some point in their history, the Purran Kingdom was consumed by the Great Jehdan Imperium. Though they were allowed to nominally maintain their autonomy, they were required to pay tribute to the Jehdans. Over the millennia since then the Purrans assumed Jehdan culture and social mores. For formal jobs and occasions, Purrans will tend to wear Jehdan robes (albeit cut to accommodate their tails). Casually or away from the cities, Purrans tend to wear more rustic clothing.

Purran names are rendered with the family name first and the given name second.  For instance Jaxx Barro's family name is Jaxx, while Barro is the name her parents gave her.


Being creations of the Gods, the Purrans were naturally worshipers of the Holy Dragons. On their homeworld, whole cults are dedicated to specific Dragons even though that pantheon has long since died off. Regardless, many Purrans continue to at least pay lip service to their religious devotion, but by and large Purran society is largely secular. In general, they side with the All Union and have resisted being absorbed into the Holy Order.