Moloch, Archdevil of Moab
Moloch devouring one of his Oni servants.








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Shita (Son)

Moloch is the Archdevil of the sphere of Hell known as Moab and one of the original Old Ones. He was of titanic size, and was greatly feared throughout Hell for his legendary appetite. He fathered the demonic race known as the Oni, and rules over them with an iron fist. Moloch is one of the older Archdevils, having already been a Devil of considerable influence when his race was at war with the Celestial Dragons. He was defeated in battle by the god Adam and his group. When he discovered Lilith, who had been among those who defeated him, had fallen and was trapped in Hell he made several attempts to capture her but never succeeded.

As time passed in Hell, he solidified control of his sphere and regularly went to war with his neighbors. He was one of the most powerful Archdevils, fearing only Abaddon and when they were around Sara and his son Sora. Sora was his mortal enemy, and many Oni fell to the Saran's Black Hammer.

As a devil, Moloch has red skin, black hair, and yellow eyes. He is remarkably large, being several times bigger than an average Oni. Like his progeny, he has long horns that sweep back over his head, with scraggly black hair that reaches down to the backs of his knees. He has a powerfully built frame and a giant pot belly. While his physical strength is made obvious by his giant stature, his true talents lie in his keen intellect. He is a master schemer and possesses arguably the most formidable psychic powers of all Archdevils. He is remarkably lazy and avoids directly confronting his enemies. Instead, he prefers to trap them in elaborate illusions to humiliate them.

His most famous attributes are his gluttonous hunger and profound lack of patience. He does not tolerate failure among his subordinates, and eats whole any Oni who disappoint him. A fact that Moloch kept hidden was that he was the biological father of the adopted saran Shita, who he had abandoned because he was ashamed of the boy's tiny body. It is from Moloch that Shita inherited his razor sharp wit and skill with illusions.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Illusion Devil Edit

Moloch was able to create exceptionally powerful illusions that could befuddle the senses of even the most powerful of Devils. An exceptionally lazy individual, he would commonly use these powers to have opponents exhaust themselves fighting things that weren't there and then devouring them when they were out of strength. Using these powers he could mask the true nature of things, such as making an empty plain appear to be a bustling city, a mountain to appear as a small rock, etc.

Trivia Edit

- Moloch despised his son Shita, looking at him as a mistake that shouldn't exist. Despite this, he was often willing to work with Shita against the Saran Clan when it suited him.