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Mephistopheles is a powerful Archdevil and eventual King of Hell, seizing power in the wake of Lilith’s death.  Rising from obscurity during the War at the Dawn, Mephistopheles managed to achieve a degree of success through shady deals and sadistic ruthlessness.  He rules the Malebolge, a sphere of Hell once commanded by Iblis.  Not long after seizing control of the Malebolge, he created the Faustian race of demons.

Back during the War at the Dawn, Mephistopheles managed to capture the Dragon God, Lilith.  He tortured and killed her, resurrecting her with demon blood magics corrupting her.  After the barrier was raised he recaptured her and subjected her to tortures again, but she managed to escape.  As time went on she would rise in power, eventually enthralling the Archdevil Abaddon and using him to defeat her enemies.  Even Mephistopheles fell under her influence, and he was forced to become a vassal to the girl he once enslaved.

On the surface, Mephistopheles is far more genial and less malevolant than the other Archdevils.  He projects a disarming charm which he uses to gain the confidence of others.  However, all this is done specifically to give him an advantage.  In appearance, Mephistopheles is tall and charming.  Like other devils he has red skin with glowing yellow eyes, claws, and fangs, but is otherwise completely humanoid.

Mephistopheles is greatly feared throughout Hell, since despite the fact that he’s not particularly powerful for a Devil, he’s very creative and very ambitious.  Many Devils of far greater power have met their end because they came up short in a game of wits with him.  He maintains a very tight hold on the Faustians and is instantly aware of any contracts they make and the states of their agreements.  The Faustians will never overstep the bounds of their contracts, as Mephistopheles rightly points out that if they do so no one will ever work with them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wish DevilEdit

Among other Devils, Mephistopheles isn't particularly strong. However, by siphoning off the Aura of others he is able to alter reality however he wants.  He uses this power to give people what they ask for when making deals, but will often twist their desires to serve his own ends.  The ability has likened to an ability to shuffle time and space as he sees fit, but beings of sufficient power are able to perceive when something has changed or even undo his effects by charging their own power.


- After the defeat of Satan, Mephistopheles managed to install himself as the new King of Hell.

- Mephistopheles wears a long coat made from the hide of a hell serpent. This coat grants him extra protection against the power of other devils.

- Because his Faustian servants have a stronger window into the Midplane than other demons, they are aware of trends and fashions. For this reason Mephistopheles and his followers wear clothes which resemble human business suits.