Maya Cayce
Maya Cayce








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Bread, Beer, Stealing Things


Her role as Prophet


Unknown Mother

Maya Cayce, a teenage thief who grew up in the slums who is actually the current Prophet and the mortal manifestation of the Lord, Zeal.  When her powers suddenly manifested, she realized that her immediate predecessors had been hunted down and killed by an Angelic Assassin.  Unable to discern the exact identity of the killer from the apparitions of her past lives, she covered herself in Angelic Sigils to hide herself from the Host’s sight.  Guided by her powers, she ends up on a dusty world called Juda on the outer cusp of the Eternal Kingdom.  Here her powers have told her allies would appear who would protect her.

As a Prophet, Maya is the latest in a long line of mortal hosts to Lord Zeal's astral form.  It was believed that the Lord’s physical body had been dispersed in the battle, and that one day he would return to this plane to take his place on the Throne of the White City.  While many Angels did not believe the Lord still existed, it came to happen that a line of mortals emerged who were able to channel the Voice of the Lord.  These Prophets, as they are called, are actually the Lord manifesting in a mortal body in a constant cycle of reincarnation.  When one Prophet dies, another is born somewhere in the Kingdom of Zion.  The origins of the Prophet are shrouded in mystery, and are only guessed at by even the Angels.  Despite this, the Angels recognize the Prophets as important and will watch over them and protect them from harm.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Divination Edit

<p class="MsoNormal">As the mortal incarnation of a powerful god, Maya has access to low level abilities granted by Divine Grace though she lacks the understanding of how to properly channel them.  As much of the support structure that seeks out and trains Prophets has been destroyed by Samael, she is left to piece together an understanding of what she is based on her fractured memories from her Other Lives.

Precognition: The most common ability granted by her abilities is future sight. 

Smite: Maya is able to release a powerful burst of holy energy.  This can be strong enough to stun even Angels.


Satan Vs The Lord

The Lord facing Satan

- Maya Cayce is named for famed psychic Edgar Cayce.

- Individually the Elohim weren't especially strong compared to other Clans of Gods, but when they merged together they became a new being much greater than the sum of its parts.  As the Lord, the Elohim became the most powerful God in the Universe, far exceeding even Bahamut.  However, where Bahamut was successful in stopping Satan's rampage because he was willing to sacrifice his own life, the Lord was not, and therefore only succeeded in driving him off while having His physical form destroyed.