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Hela is a Celestial who grudgingly serves as the Guardian of the Underplane. Like Adam, she is believed to have sided with Lucifer during his failed rebellion against the Source and watches over the Underplane as a form of penance. Like Adam, the majority of her duties seem to be preventing mischief by other Celestials and keeping Outer Beasts at bay. Unlike Adam, who maintains a hands off approach to the running of the Midplane, Hela takes a more active role in insuring what balance she can to the turbulent Underplane. Long ago she selected a powerful wraith called Virgil as her retainer, empowering him to be the equal of any Devil and making him impossible to truly kill. However, Virgil had the power to generate illusions which could fool even the Devils' keen psychic senses, and he managed to do Hela's work without ever making himself known. For this reason, none of the Demon Lords going back to the Old Ones were aware that Hell was under the careful eye of a Celestial. Only Lilith, who had been a Celestial herself was aware that the Underplane had a Guardian, though she also knew the rules preventing her from acting directly. Hela also was content to let Lilith do as she pleased since she never believed she'd succeed in her plan to free Satan. When the Vampire Queen returned to Hell with Shiva in tow, Hela panicked that she'd been mistaken and wondered how she could have missed this possibility. When Cain arrived in Hell following after Lilith, she went to meet him and offered Virgil as his guide, hoping that the Oversaran would be able to prevent Satan's resurrection. However, Virgil got him there too late and Satan soundly thrashed Cain. Sensing the unbalance in Cain's soul due to Lilith's unlocking of his power, she had Virgil subject Cain to a spiritual test which would straighten him out or kill him. Cain succeeded, and thanked Virgil by throwing him into the boiling blood river, Phlegethon. Hela chided Cain for killing her servant, but relented and admitted he would remanifest elsewhere due to her enchantments. She informed him of the arrival of the rest of the Magnificent 7 and guided him to where Cara was. After the final victory over Satan, she discussed with Adam the ramifications of the victory since Satan wasn't the only shard of Lucifer out there, or even truly the most powerful one. She also revealed that the former Demon Lord Sara had returned from the Void, and that all Heaven was abuzz with what that meant.