The Frehm Arena is the abode of the Champion of the Universe, Dio and a gathering place of the greatest fighters in the Galaxy. Despite having retired from the fighting world, Dio was still immensely interested in the martial arts and wanted to create a place where people could come and share what they knew. Every 10 years a great tournament would be held at Frehm where the winner would be recognized as the new Champion of the Universe.

The Arena was originally the floating citadel of the maniacal Witch King. Following his ultimate victory over the villain, the citadel was thrown into orbit by an angry Dio. Almost a century later when the hero decided to retire, he found the citadel orbitting Rorok where he left it. Using his massive fortune to refurbish it, Dio built himself a palatial home where he could live in comfort and converted many of the doomsday weapon turrets to massive amphitheaters where guests could watch as visiting martial artists fought to test their skills.