Elementals are a classification of life that have attributes connected to the elemental spheres. The primary spheres are the classical elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, but there are many subspheres like Lightning and Ice. The elemental spheres are connected to the magical spheres of the same name, but instead of needing to draw in the power from their environment as a mage does, elementals are able to manifest the power naturally with their bodies. Elementals are often physically made from the element that they draw power from, though the degree to which varies greatly from race to race.

Like the magical spheres that they are apparently drawn from, the various Elemental spheres are interconnected and can compliment or weaken eachother. Owing to the dispositions of their sphere, certain Elemental races will not get along.

If an elemental is able to use Aura, it greatly enhances the effect of their power.  For instance, an Aura using Flame Elemental can burn that which can't be burnt, an Ice Elemental can freeze that which can't be frozen, a Lightning Elemental can shock that which can't be shocked, and so on.

Earth ElementalsEdit

Earth Elementals are able to control the forces of earth and stone.

Fire ElementalsEdit

Fire Elementals are able to generate and control various forms of fire. The most powerful fire elementals are believed to be the sarans, who are able to generate an especially potent form of fire they call Hellfire. This Hellfire has been compared to the atomic fires of stars, and is capable of unspeakable destruction.

Wind ElementalsEdit

Wind Elementals are able to control the air.

Water ElementalsEdit

Water Elementals are able to control the water and various fluids.

Lightning ElementalsEdit

The Sphere of Lightning is related to either the Fire or Air Elements, as it has aspects of both. Lightning Elementals are able to control the Lightning and Electricity.

Ice ElementalsEdit

Ice Elementals are related to Water and Wind Elementals in their ability to control and generate cold.

Metal ElementalsEdit

Metal Elementals are an offshoot of Earth and Fire Elementals who specialize in their ability to control metals.

Plant ElementalsEdit

Plant Elementals are able to control various forms of plantlife. They are an offshoot of Earth and Water spheres.

Light ElementalsEdit

Light is often called the Element of Creation or the Element of Life. Light Elementals have the ability to create, control, or become light. The Light Element is generally considered warm and comforting, and users are able to dazzle most beings with their abilities.

Dark ElementalsEdit

Also called the Element of Oblivion or the Element of Death, dark elementals are usually associated with evil. Darkness is greatly feared for its supreme destructive power and all consuming nature. The Gods made numerous attempts to harness this power for themselves, but found their bodies unable to use it. Instead, they created the original Deathwalks who would use the power in their stead.