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The Divai are an all female order of assassins based on the planet Leda. They are named for their founder, the legendary fighter Divai. Divai was a pirate who was obsessed with martial arts. She became the lover of numerous masters, ultimately killing them once she learned their techniques. Once her latest conquest ran afoul of the Battle Sage Rahan, who easily killed him in a fight. Afterwards, Divai became his lover, and attempted to convince him to teach her Slayer Fist. He refused, and she became fed up and tried to kill him in his sleep. He evaded her and counterattacked, but she managed to escape, making her the only known person other than the God King who Rahan ever tried to kill and failed.

Legend tells that Divai hid in a monastery while she tried waited out Rahan's wrath. While at the temple she dedicated herself to meditation and training, and it was said that it was during this time that she had an epiphany. She discovered how to mentally manipulate her Aura, turning it into powerful weapons which she could control the shape of. The weapons she could create was limited only by her imagination. She spent the next 50 years developing this skill into a martial art, which she called Infinite Arms.

Her time in the monastery did much to affect her personality as well. No longer the bloodthirsty killer, Divai reinvented herself as an agent of Justice. She began gathering followers and training them in her style, eventually developing the order that would become the Divai Assassins. Divai herself took the title of Grand Master. Below her, the strongest of her disciples would be called Masters, with the rank and file being called Warriors.

With these gathered warriors, Divai would hire her services out as assassins and mercenaries. They gained a fearsome reputation who were nigh invincible. They were noted for their fanatical devotion to justice and stealth skills. After a certain point Divai fell in battle. Her body was recovered by her order and given a hero's burial deep within their temple. Despite her successor's attempt to avenge her death, her killer was ultimately killed himself by her old lover Rahan. Since then, Rahan has been the only man permitted within the grounds of the Divai's temple.

In the years since then, the Order has enjoyed a healthy respect among the other powers in the Galaxy, but are not as openly active as they were under Divai. Typically their members move in the shadows, operating on their own in the name of the Order. Members of the Order can be noted by the Divai symbol tattooed somewhere on their body. They tend to wear a black body suit with a pair of black, loose fitting pants over it. Their shoulders and legs are covered with silver armor. A red mask typically covers their face and a red sash is wrapped around their waist.