Artax & Barbaro
Artax and Barbaro








2700 lbs






Milk, Muscles, Domination




Jabberwocky (Father)

Artax and Barbaro who are the sons of the Archdevil Jabberwocky, and as such are devils of great power.  Regardless of this, they are noteworthy for being excessively lazy.  They are interested only in showing off their power, rather than actually using it.  They are completely uninterested in conflict with other devils and care only about their own indulgences.  Their favorite activity is to hang around succubae, since they enjoy participating in lustful activities with them and their immortal devil nature makes the Succubaes’ life draining powers no threat to them.

They are met by Kara when she is travelling through Hell in search of Cain while they are serving as the mounts for a group of succubae.  After Kara kills them, she frees the Stallion Brothers but finds that they were willingly serving the succubae for their own amusement.  Her attempts to get them to help her fall on deaf ears as they are angry the succubae they’ve been enjoying have been killed.  They offer to help Kara only if she offers herself up in their stead.  She agrees, but when the Stallion Brothers show no interest in escorting her she savagely beats them into submission.  They served as her mounts across Hell, but abandoned her when they came across Lilith.

The brothers have the appearance of anthropomorphic horses with red skin, yellow eyes, black hair, and forward facing horns.  They are heavily muscled with long powerful arms, though their hind legs are those of horses.  They can stand and walk on 2 legs, but tend to move on all 4 when they want to move quickly.  They are generally completely naked except for harnesses which allow lesser demons to ride them, so that they can show off their magnificent bodies.  The Brothers like to act as big shots and will use their status as Devils to bully lesser demons, but will generally avoid conflict where they can.  Despite all their bluster, the brothers are completely useless in battle, as Kara discovered to her dismay.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As Devils, the Stallion Brothers possess an incredible amount of power.  Their bodies are finely sculpted, and they possess uncanny physical strength and speed. 


The Devil Stallions primary power is their extreme speed.  They are able to shunt from one circle to another very fast, and in battle very few are able to keep up with them.


- The Brothers are obsessed with the "milk" of female demons, and will only help others in exchange for it.

- While they are quick to namedrop their father, Jabberwocky regards his sons as disappointments.