Carrie Cloveree Nash
Carrie Nash








135 lbs








Church, Soap Operas, Children




John Rivers (Father), Rosanna Rivers (Mother), Ray Nash (Husband), John Nash (Foster Son)

Wife of Ray Nash and adopted mother of John, Carrie Nash (nee' Rivers) was a woman of surprising strength. Her powerful personality managed to tame the Invincible Fist King and coax him to live a life of peace. After marrying, the two bounced around the northeastern US before settling in Kattegat, NJ, where they bought a house at 4 Maple Avenue. Having been accredited as an educator, she went to work at Robin S. Campbell Elementary School teaching 3rd Grade (later 4th).

Unlike the religiously ambivalent Ray, Carrie was a devout Catholic. Despite her warm and caring demeanor when brought to anger she was even more ruthless than the nuns, causing many students to fear her, John included. She used her connections through the Church to get him into St. Christopher’s after every other school in the area kicked him out and made him promise her he’d behave himself. And would later use her connections to get him into Chapel.

When Ray was suddenly stricken with cancer after his battle with Roy Nash, June stuck by him though they hid Ray's condition from John so that he would concentrate on college. After a visit to the city to visit John, Ray went out of his way to look strong in front of his son and used up too much strength, passing out on the car ride home. While Carrie was driving Ray's car Rocco, they were hit by a truck and killed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Many noted martial artists were convinced she was secretly a master because despite not being able to sense any power from her, they also could never find an opening to attack. 


- The red coat that John wears was a gift from his mother, who thought he'd look good in red.  She embroidered the skull and crossbones on the back for him as well.

- Much to John's surprise, when she and John died he discovered that they were actually quite rich. Apparently Ray had acquired a vast amount of money in his travels which Carrie was able to expand into a fortune through careful investment. John would express wonder at why they lived in such a small shitty house if they had that much money.